Seraph of the End (Season 1)| Anime| “Attack on titan and Demon slayer on drugs.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


The world suffered from a devastating plague causing all humans above the age of 13 to perish. The remaining humans were taken under the protection of the Vampires who promised the childrens safety in exchange of some of their blood. Yuichiro lost his family while trying to escape from their confinmenet and meets up with other humans that are trying their best to survive. He lives with one motive; to protect his loved ones and kill all the vampires before him.


It’s very tough to find an anime that was consistently good from beginning to end. A lot of anime I usually watch have a very average or boring beginning and it progresses into something bigger and better. However, this anime decided to unfold the plot for this season in the very first episode and subsequently decided to use the entrie season for plot development of what is to be expected in season 2. And yes, that is exactly what it means. This entire season was nothing more than plot development and there was no real plot to be focussed on in this season.

Now after the fact that I got that out of the way, I want to come to how this plot development was. The anime had a wonderful mix of good story, great animation, and fun, serious charcaters which is always enough to get the audience excited. However, I personally feel that the anime lacked in the action segment throughout the entire season. This anime only has 12 episodes per season so I can really see the lack of time to put enough content for the viewers in every single episode but the action in this anime felt very bland to me. Apart from the animation used in the fights there was nothing extraordinary, till the second last episode, that caught my eye and made me feel liek I found something different. At the same time, the plot of the anime was being developed so well that I totally forgot about the lack of action. You could notice that the characters were only given short bursts of time where there was really any “main” action and when the real show down was about to begin they would either skip the scene entirely or retreat as a whole. This led to a lot of things. Not only did they used the “skipped” scenes to further enhance the plot by dwelling deeper into the secrets of vampires, humans, and demons but they also used the “retreat” scenes to show that the anime is just so much more than sensless action and rather there will be alot of logic that is going to be applied to the fights. And even though that is very appealing to me as an anime because I love it when a fight has a lot of logic, it still was very annoying to not be able to see a proper fight scene for the duration of the entire season. And because I noticed all of this I was able to notice that this season is not what you would call a “main plot” rather it is development for what is yet to come in terms of great action and more twists in the story.

Let’s talk about Yu as a chracter. Although I have mentioned this anime to be a mix of AOT and KNY (I’ll explain in a bit), I feel the characters remind me a lot of Black Clover characters. And although Yu may not exactly have every single traiy but he really reminds me of Asta. The whole concept of protecting family and friends is what really reminded me of Black Clover. However, the sense of maturity that comes from wach character is what really shows their increase in their bonding as a team and the scope for future development as a whole squad. Although Mika seems to be a character with a much stronger will it is clear that Yu has something special inside of him and that’s what really makes it exciting to see what twists the anime will present to us. The supporting characters I feel are just average. While Guren is obviously really col it is obvious that he is not “overpowered” which is just so different to see because in most other anime a character like Guren would be insanely strong but that’s not the case. Characters like Yoichi and Shiho I feel do not provide that powerful enough impact as supporting characters to really allow the audience to even consider them as their “favourite”. I do really want to see some quality character development throughout the series because I know that every character has potential. But right now, ebven though they have shown a lot of the character’s sad past stories, I don’t feel it was enough to show that they are worth being alongside Yu.

As to why I called this anime a mixture of Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan. Firsstly, Demon Slayer only because of the animation quality and also becuase it feels like their powers are similar to the style of powers in Demon Slayer where they require extra special equipment to defeat Vampires. But more than any other anime, this anime represents Attack on Titan. Humanity is on the verge of extinction, they build walls to protect themselves, their is a squad made specifically for going beyond the wall to kill and capture vampires, human experimentation,etc. If Attack on Titan were to have people with powers and regular sized villians with insane power then it would be Seraph of the End. I could not help but notice the uncanny resemblance between these two anime throughout the series and it really had me smiling. I can not really compare to the two because attack on titan has such a well developed and settled plot that it is currently leaps and bounds beyond this anime. However, I do find the concept of this anime interesting. And although this whole season was based upon its plot development I feel it still had its moments where the audience was really suprised or excited like with the scenes of Mika’s first introduction and Yu’s body being taken over by something that wasn’t even a demon.

This anime surprised me as a whole by being so consistently good. Even though it did lack in a lot of important departments, it is the first time I was able to see an anime totally rely on it’s great plot to cover for all its’ mistakes. The opening and ending songs are extremely mellow which suits the anime even though they are just above average. The animation is strong and I am really enjoying it. This I would suggest to be a must watch so far because I can see this anime getting a lot better as it progresses. Overall fun.


I would give this season of the anime 3.5/5 stars..

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