5 Centimetres per Second| Movie| “A love story plus life story.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. My online classes finally start from this Monday. I’ll finally have something to keep me more occupied. So, let’s begin.


The story of Takaki told in three stories which are three different segments of his life. Takaki must overcome all his different obstacles as a test to his love for Akari.


First off, this is one of my most favourite anime movies simply because not only was it easier to understand but it was also so beautiful in portraying love, drama, and character development. When I say easy to understand I mean that you don’t have to read in between the lines to understand the plot of the entire movie like you had to do with The Silent Voice. At the same time, the delicacy in every scene of the movie can’t help but make you feel different kinds of emotions.

In the first part of the story we have the cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms indicate the blooming of a new friendship or in this case, a new love. With the introduction to our characters, we see that they become friends quite soon due to their similar personalities. The casualness with the manner they communicate with each other shows the deepness of their bond. I really love the way that the movie shows things as small and insignificant but it all adds up into the bigger picture later on. Soon, after Akari has to move away due to her parents job, you can make out that a small part of Takaki is leaving with her. Although they do promise to write letters to each other often, the distance is evident. A love that could’ve bloomed ended up becoming a long distance friendship. And before Takaki moves to his new place, which would be too far from Akari, he decided to meet her one last time. The train journey of Takaki going to visit Akari was absolutely beautiful. It was as if destiny itself was saying that this was not meant to be. But both characters decided to defy destiny because their trust in each other, their love for each other, and their care for each other was beyond the scopes of destiny. Takaki had to face the punishments from the heavens through a natural obstacle of time. The constant delays of the train journey and the wind blowing away the letter he wrote confessing his love to Akari demotivated him but wasn’t enough to stop him from meeting the person who mattered most to him. On the other side we have we have Akari who had to also face the challenge of time. Of course, she had no idea what problems Takaki had to go through and so, she had to throw away logic and believe in her trust in Takaki that he would come despite the time. She sat in one place for so many hours which proves that she was willing to wait however long it would take to meet the person she cares about most. This whole first part showed me that I was in a treat for the upcoming parts. An obstacle course to reach the ultimate goal of true love.

In the second part of the movie we have cosmonaut. This was the most beautiful part of the movie if you ask me. When Kanae clearly has a crush on Takaki, she tries her utmost best to get closer to him. Takaki is still stuck on Akari even though not once is her name mentioned in this part. Takaki is shown writing emails to someone through his phone but later it is pointed out that he’s deleting the emails and not sending them. It seems like he’s holding back his feelings because he knows that meeting Akari is a far-fetched dream at the moment. Seeing Kanae try so hard to grab the attention of Takaki is also a great treat. The whole scene where they both together watch the rocket launch was absolutely beautiful. The rocket launch was a clear metaphor for a distant hope or distant dream. As the rocket launches into space which is far from reach, the same way Takaki is always looking into the distance beyond Kanae making him out of reach for her. While he may have always been there for her as a friend, the love was clearly one sided. After all the years spent away from Akari, Takaki is still unable to let go of his feelings for her. Kanae being the kind of person she is, accepts her defeat and we see the beautiful ending to this part with Kanae crying herself to sleep. If you have to ask me, Kanae is the true silent hero who put her feelings aside so that Takaki can pursue his love while still maintaining the friendship. But at the same time, you have to wonder how Kanae felt when she realised that she has no chance with someone who looks over her head. The meaning behind this part of the movie and the beauty of the sceneries had me at awe.

In the final part of this movie we have 5 centimetres per second. This part I feel had the deepest meaning behind it. With many years passing by, both Takaki and Akari have moved in even if it’s in the slightest of ways. Takaki with his new job and girlfriend and Akari on the verge of marriage. The scene cuts to Takaki unsatisfied with his girlfriend and even signals the end of the relationship by ignoring her call. Clearly his feelings for Akari haven’t faded even after so many years. Later, Akari is also shown looking through past possessions and finding the love letter she never gave to Takaki. Both reignited with the flame of a past love, they seem to go back to the area they first went to see the cherry blossoms. The same place they had promised to meet so that they could see the cherry blossoms together again. However, just when they thought they had met each other, a train passes by cutting their view of each other. And once the train passes away, Akari is not seen again. I’m sure there are a lot of ways that this can be interpreted so I just wanted to give my way of interpretation. The trains passing by turned out to be another obstacle between Takaki and Akari’s love. Not just any ordinary obstacle but similar to the first obstacle that Takaki had to face. The train cutting Takaki’s line of view is symbolic to destiny working against their love once again. But as the train passes and Akari is nowhere to be seen, the scene cuts to Takaki walking away with a smile. This probably indicated that he got the closure he required in his search for Akari’s love. Now, he’ll be able to happily move on with his life and make progress in his lacking personal life. Further, Takaki also saw a news article about the rocket from the second part completing its mission. This is also symbolic to the end of Takaki’s love mission of pursuing Akari.

I really appreciate the animation quality of this movie. The only issue i found with this movie was the lack of impactful music. I do feel that with this the emotions would come flowing out of me. A definite watch for anyone. Overall amazing movie.


I would give this anime movie 4.5/5 stars.

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