Dr. Romantic (Season 1)| Korean Drama| “Order for doctor, hold the romantic.”

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Dr. Boo Yong-Joo is an extremely famous surgeon who got involved in a controversy causing him to lose his job an an extremely esteemed hospital. His policy of treating patients according to order of emergency over order of time of arrival had some people working against him. However, his love for his profession and for human lives rubbed off in his new working environment. Dr. Kang Dong-Joo grew up wanting to be a doctor after having an encounter with Dr. Boo who inspired him. After the higher ups somehow get Dr. Kang involved into a conspiracy of his own they transfer him to the same hospital that Dr. Boo works in which is considered to be a bad and poor hospital. Under the supervision of the famous surgeon, the doctors around him grow and improve not only as surgeons but also as people.


Starting off, I want to express how wanting to be a doctor does slightly make my opinion biased as to how much I enjoyed this show. However, I do have many friends who also watched this show and enjoyed it just as much as I did and they have no inclination with the profession. And yes, this was by far my favourite Kdrama.

The show started off by giving me the impression that there will be only drama and romance and less of the actual daily doctor practices. However, as the show progresses, it only seems to prove me wrong hence bringing me to why I titled this blog as I did. One of the biggest positives for this show is how although there was an incredible amount of drama and extremely light romance, there was no compromise on showing the viewers how the surgeons had to deal with surgeries or interactions with patients. As a matter of fact, by placing Dr. Kang, Dr. Boo, and Dr. Yoon in the same “low-grade” hospital, they are made to work more than what a usual surgeon has to do allowing us to see all spheres of the emergency room. At the same time, the show doesn’t let the nurses go unnoticed. It is not very common for a show to give nurses the recognition they deserve but this show definitely portrayed that and every time I saw the nurses getting appreciation it definitely put a smile on my face.

Coming to the surgeries and treating of patients. There was no end to the different variety of cases the show had to offer. From a simple head injury to a complex heart surgery, the show made sure to explain each and every segment of the show in as simple of a manner as possible. Of course, there would be scenes that would confuse any regular person but I would say that for the most part, the show did a great job in explaining each part of the cases in an understandable way. I must commend the show for some really good acting because seeing the doctors study, work so hard, struggle, focus, crave sleep, and a lot more made me more excited about what I’m doing and made me relish the struggle after seeing them enjoy their lives inside and outside of work. The heart surgery was so well planned out and so well executed that for the duration of the surgery I was at complete awe. The drama that preceded the surgery only enhanced the anxiety of the surgery’s success and the way each doctor played the role to do their best in reducing the time of the surgery made its much more exciting. The doctors seemed to be so committed in upholding their teacher’s name and at the same time wanted to give a great reputation to their otherwise rundown hospital. There were truly no faults in the way they displayed the heart surgery (not speaking from a medical perspective) and that was truly the highlight of the show. My favourite episode definitely had to be the episode where a supposed MERS patient came into the hospital forcing the entire emergency room to go into lockdown while Dr. Kang was still so tired that he actually got burnt out. I don’t want to spoil anything but I will suggest to look out for that episode.

Coming to just one of the negatives I found in the show. I do feel the beginning was very dragged out. While it may have been fun to see Dr. Kang trying to figure out the identity for Teacher Kim, it was still kind of annoying as a viewer to see it go on for so long. The first 10 episodes were extremely slow and had even got me bored multiple times as well. However, I did realise that this was essential to the plot development and the episodes that followed after the first 10 really made up in terms of the speed and entertainment. I also realised through this Kdrama how much the people of Korea value “cool” entrance or exit scenes. Because as I’ve seen in all of my Kdrama so far, there are multiple times when a group of characters walk into or out of a situation that they absolutely dominate in a very cool, slow motion manner. I have nothing against this but it always gives me a good chuckle while I also have a “wow, so cool” in the back of my head. The show definitely didn’t stretch out the drama aspect of the show by putting a quick conclusion once things were wrapped up about the heart surgery. However, one big regret for the show is that we didn’t get much perspective into who the president of the hospital was even though he seemed to be a really interesting character.

Finally, the music in the show was a great anticipation creator. It made the surgeries and patient treatments much more enjoyable. The ending freeze frame would always impress my friend who I was watching the show with. And the opening and ending songs were good listens too. The acting way quite good although I would not say outstanding and the romance was definitely heart warming. I found the introduction of a love affair for Teacher Kim to be a bit too much but nothing to cry over. Also, it was great how each character really got their time to shine rather than the story being focused on only 2-3 people. I would definitely recommend this show as a great was to get people involved into Kdrama because I feel people have this wrong impression that it’s all about the romance and drama. Overall, this Kdrama was a great.


I would give this Kdrama 4/5 stars.

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