Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season| First Impression| “Start with the high intensity.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. I apologise for not posting last week as I was busy with my exams. So, let’s begin.

A great way to start of this awaited season of haikyuu. As our favourites, Karasuno, get back to battling out against Inarizaki in a super intense battle of skill, support, and ability. The anime did not fall short of coming back with a great amount of hype while also living up to the hype that it creates in the 1st season of the To the Top series.

In the first episode, we not only get to see a great volleyball match with some fantastic display of skills but we get to see a battle beyond the realms of the court. As the support of each teams takes stage, we see that the match doesn’t solely rely on what the players are doing on court. The cheering squads for both teams were also battling out to set the pace of the game and also help their players concentrate to the best of their abilities. I found this to be a quite awesome turn of events as we’re not used to seeing Karasuno stand out in terms of a cheering perspective. However, this first episode shows how them reaching the nationals has put more faith into the minds of the people allowing the audience to match up the cheering of the already huge cheering squad of Inarizaki. It was enough to put a smile on my face and get me excited to see how this would impact the game.

Moving on, we see that no character is left behind in this game. Each person gets their time to shine may it be Kageyama’s amazing set, Nishinoya’s great receive, Daichi’s amazing motivation, Tsukishima’s monster defence, Hinata’s inhuman ability, or Asahi’s powerful smash. Every character got their spotlight in these first two episodes and has set the basis for a Karasuno team that is not only capable of going all the way but is also a well-rounded team with few faults when it comes to individual ability.

One of the biggest thing in the first two episodes for me were how well they’ve set up the rest of the season. They haven’t even completed the first set of the game and it feels like the match has been going on since forever. But, at the same time, by using things like the freakish set and smash but Inarizaki, it only shows us how there is so much more that we can’t expect that will unravel later on in the match. The scene that really hit a lot of my emotions was how Asahi did something amazing that even he didn’t expect and Osama goes something like“You’ve come this far and you’re still experimenting?” That just creates even more hype for further development of the Karasuno team and gets me excited as to what’s going to happen in the rest of the season.

My expectations are sky high for my favourite sports anime and I am super pumped to see what’s more to come. The animation is great as always and the opening and ending songs are both awesome. I honestly can’t fault anything so far in the anime and I hope it continues as such as well. Seeing the reactions of all the other players to the game that is currently going on just shows how much greatness we can expect. Overall, I’m super excited and eager to watch more.

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