Naruto (Ep.136-186)| Anime| “Fillers galore.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. I just finished my mid term exams so please don’t mind my late post. So, let’s begin.


As the search for Sasuke is kept on hold, Jiraiya leaves for a recon mission leaving Naruto to do things on his own for a while. So, Naruto and friends set out on a series of missions in different villages where they are met by different challenges and learning curves.


For an anime, I feel fillers are essential in changing up the pace. When things are very action packed, fast paced, and a lot of information is flowing to the audience at once, it is necessary to take a break and just get a few good laughs in. However, I guess Naruto took this a bit too literally.

Coming off from such an action packed and maturing plot line, I expected a couple (if not one) of filler arcs. After these I expected the story line to go back to normal and to continue on with a developing plot. However, I was proved wrong as back to back we keep seeing mission after mission that contribute nothing to the story line. Sometimes, I went in with the expectations that this is how Naruto will grow by learning more fighting sense. And while to an extent I wasn’t wrong, I found that these missions really have no relation in the development and story line. And this is one of the biggest flaws of the anime in my opinion. Because after you’ve set the mood for an anime being so high quality in terms of plot and fight scenes, to suddenly drop to having 60+ episodes worth of fillers just makes me feel like I’m wasting time. I can not express how many times I felt like skipping directly to Naruto: Shippuden, but I held on simply as a respect to the anime and in order to get the entire feel of what Naruto fans feel.

Coming to the actual story line, we get to see a variety of missions all with our favourite Naruto. He seems to be a star in the eyes of Tsunade but none the less a trouble maker for all as well. So, in the missions we get to see ample usage of the Rasengan, Naruto barrage, shadow clone and multi-shadow clone justsus and a lot more. At the same time, we get to see a variety of villains that he faces off against as well. Naruto, as we know, is not much of a team players which makes his interactions with fellow team mates quite humorous. However, we do get to see the development and growth of other ninjas around Naruto which is quite fun. So, while I did find the missions to be quite pointless in terms of their boring plot, they didn’t shy from showing some average to above average fight scenes between different people.

A big plus point for these episodes is the fact that there is a mention of Sasuke and Orochimaru, and we also get to see a glimpse of the new Sasuke. This built up a lot of anticipation for me to see how things are going to play out once the plot goes back on track. The arc showing those two was quite fun as well as we see a pretty good battle between Naruto and his team against some of Orochimaru’s henchmen. It also made me more excited for Jiraiyah’s return as I want to see a continuation in Naruto’s formal training. Other than this arc, a lot of the missions were quite boring and weren’t able to really grasp my attention or get me excited.

As for the opening and ending songs, they weren’t anything spectacular either after the great songs from earlier into the show. My expectations are quite low for upcoming episodes as well but sky high for Naruto: shippuden. However, I do plan to watch some other anime before going to that as well. Still, wasn’t what I expected from an anime that apparently gets so much praise. Overall, quite disappointed.


I would give these episodes of the anime 2.5/5 stars.

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