Attack on Titan (Season 4)| Anime| First Impression| “This is AOT?”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a safe, great, and healthy week. So, let’s begin with the first impression of one of the most anticipated anime seasons of the year.

Staring off, I can not describe my confusion when the show began. At first I was perplexed as to whether the anime was running in the past or in the future. Then, when I believed I had a clearer image of the timeline, I was left wondering who any of the people were. I genuinely couldn’t even recognise Reiner for quite a few scenes. And I feel this is the first fault of the anime. With no context and even a slight recap, they not only jumped into the story but also into a time that leaves the audience confused. Now see, this is a first impression, so don’t come at me saying “it was laying down a great foundation for a plot to come”. I could be entirely wrong about how I feel and could be proved wrong as well as episodes go on and the story line goes beyond all my expectations. However, I do feel the anime lacked that push that the first episode could’ve given as we didn’t even get to see any of our favourite characters.

Coming to the actual amazing aspects of this episode. I will not deny that the action and war scenes were not only graphic and wonderfully animated but also were thrilling to watch. Even though I couldn’t understand what was going on, the entrance scenes of the beast and armoured Titan definitely got me excited to see what would happen next. The creators put a lot of effort to make their entrance scenes as cool as possible and I applaud that for being the best part of the episode. However, as my title suggests, the episode didn’t feel like I was watching Attack on Titan. I felt like I was watching a cross between Vinland Saga and Attack on Titan because of the abundance of war scenes and the whole atmosphere of the anime without any Armin, Mikasa, Erin, Levi, etc.

The biggest surprise for me in this episode was that I felt the Titans were getting completely overpowered by the humans. For the first time we saw the beast and the armoured Titan getting crushed by some human made weapons. We’ve always known these titans to be the strongest and/or smartest but to see Reiner get beat up so badly and even his armour get totally penetrated is not a sight we are used to. And this is what really added the suspense in the anime for me. It seems as though Erin may not be humanity’s greatest weapon anymore and now even humans have a strong chance to fight back. However, as the episode title suggests, this land may be beyond the sea of where Erin and the others live so they might not have access to such weaponry and technology yet. At the same time, seeing Titans being used as like suicide bombers was another interesting method I had never seen before. Not only did it make me believe that maybe all titans are actually humans but it also made me realise that no matter how powerful the titans are, the humans will always rule over them with their intelligence. Reiner saying that he no longer wants to live in the constraints of walls brought out another aspect to what this season might give us. To see a whole army built under the belief that they will be successors to the extremely powerful and smart titans shows that there are a lot of secrets and new information to uncover in this season as well. The episode ended very interesting as well but these creators for the first time giving the benefit to the humans power over the titans.

Another part of the anime that had me thinking if this was actually AOT was the opening song. It isn’t typical of the anime to have a song with that kind of style although it was quite fun to listen to. I am highly impressed by the animation so far. I am super excited to see what the humans have in store this time against the titans. The whole scene where the beast titan throws ammunition at the ships and all the ships attack back only had me almost jump out of my seat. And more than that, seeing them be so effective against the armoured titan was even more amazing. I can not express how excited I am to see how this final season spans out in terms of action and story. This truly is the most anticipated anime season of the year.

3 thoughts on “Attack on Titan (Season 4)| Anime| First Impression| “This is AOT?”

  1. Jiraiyan says:

    I thought this episode was perfect. Focusing on the enemies was unexpected, but I think it’s necessary to understanding how the Marley nation’s military operates. I’m excited for this final season.

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