Naruto (Ep. 187-220)| Anime| “More fillers yet excitement for more.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone had a safe, great, and healthy week. I apologise for not posting anything last week. Usually my posts around this time are something Christmas related but I decided to just do the final episodes of Naruto to finish things off. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a fun and prosperous new year. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, so let’s just hope 2021 has better things in store. Drop your new year resolutions in the comments section, I’m really curious to know what you guys have planned. So, let’s begin!


These set of episodes of Naruto are just filler missions as well. However, at the end, Jiraiyah finally returns from his investigation and decides to begin Naruto’s ultimate training.


I am not going to really talks about what happened in the initial episodes of this review. Because the filler missions were not very different than what were there in the previous review. They were just boring missions that didn’t really show any massive improvement or any landmark action scenes. More or less, these filler episodes were a complete waste of time. However, I do feel like these episodes had a huge hand in making the last episode as impactful as it was.

Starting off, the only remarkable part of these episodes is when we got to see Gaara and his team mates from the sand. Whenever they come, you just know that the action scenes are going to be one level higher than what it usually is. We get to see Gaara being pushed to his limit which was very interesting as well because it made the enemy’s strength exemplify. Seeing nearly all the Genins in the village work under Shikamaru (my favourite Naruto character) was also quite a treat because as we were coming to an end in this show, it was nice to see everyone work together. Further, it got me really excited to see how everyone will mature in Shippuden, what their new strength and powers will be, and how much stronger their bond of friendship will become.

Coming to the last episode of Naruto, this was an absolute treat. Finally, being able to see a serious episode made all the boring episodes somewhat worth it. And the best part was that Jiraiyah wasn’t joking around much when he came back as well. He was serious and when he’s serious that’s when you know the story and plot are beginning to develop. Another beautiful aspect of this episode is that we came to realise how serious this training is going to be. The dramatic good byes shot up the expectations for me in Shippuden by making it seem like Naruto is going to really become insanely powerful. Great job by the creators to make me forget the last 50-60 episodes of fillers with just one episode that got me excited for Naruto: Shippuden. I definitely had tears in my eyes when literally almost everyone in the village was bidding Naruto farewell and good luck for his training.

The opening and ending songs of these episodes were very average. Nothing to be too excited about. I guess I can finally say bye to old animation and see some better animation in the coming episodes. Other than that, these fillers were quite useless. I would probably not suggest anyone to watch it. However, to get the full impact for the last episode I guess you should go through the bad and boring. Still, super pumped for Shippuden and very high expectations (although I am prepared for the large number of fillers as well). Overall, boring episodes.


I would give these episodes of the anime 2.5/5 stars.

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