The God of High School| Anime| “Overpowered, over the top.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. My new semester had begun so I’ve been keeping busy with that. Been watching a lot of anime recently so I apologise for the fewer number of movie, tv show, and Kdrama review posts. They’ll be coming soon as well. So, let’s begin.


A tournament to decide the strongest high school student in Korea. However, there’s just something more than what we can see on the surface.


This is a perfect example for an anime that has extremely overpowered anime characters with absolutely no context. I mean, I expected some strong people, but seeing the way these high school kids fight went way beyond my expectations. And while I can appreciate some great fight scenes because of this strength, there reaches a point where it’s just too much making it quite boring.

Starting off, I found the concept of having a tournament for overpowered high school students to be very interesting. I expected some amazing fight scenes and I wasn’t disappointed as well. The main character, Jin Mori, is so strong and is a great main character overall. Out of the supporting characters , I only really liked Han Dae-Wi and found Yu Mi-ra to be pretty stale. She seemed to have as one track mind. Although she was pretty strong, I just didn’t find her character to be interesting enough for a whole story to be behind her. On the other hand, Han Dae-Wi had a very sad back story which allows you to sympathise with him on a whole other level. Seeing him power up and fighting created an emotional connection which I always appreciate in an anime. So, if it weren’t for the partnership between Han Dae-Wi and Jin Mori, this anime would’ve been much worse than what it actually was.

Coming to the plot of the anime. Like I said, I liked the concept of a tournament for overpowered high school students, but this wasn’t the main plot line. The real plot brought in the concept of religion which opened up a million other possibilities for different story lines. By introducing stuff like reincarnation of Gods and the key, the plot took a completely different turn from what I expected out of the anime. And while this did bring out some great action ad character development, I didn’t find the plot to be powerful and enforcing enough to keep me 100% interested and dedicated to the anime as a whole. If anything, I found the plot to be lacking in drive and it deviated too much from what the anime was truly meant to be about. Also, the number of episodes were just too less for what the creators wanted to enforce. So, I feel that 13 episodes didn’t do this anime justice as well.

I appreciate the creators for the great action and character development. And while I did see a lot of potential in this anime with the awesome animation and the fact that it wears a “webtoon”, it did not meet my expectations. The animation made the fight scenes ten times more fun to watch. Introducing Jin Mori’s grandfather as even more overpowered as any of our main characters made Jim Mori’s back story all the more interesting although we didn’t get enough insight into it. So, I feel the anime has a lot of gaps to fill in as well. That being said, the final fight scenes with everyone involved was a roller coaster with a ton of fights going on simultaneously among some super strong people. That was really fun to watch.

So, while I did enjoy the animation quality and the opening and ending songs were pretty decent as well, this isn’t really an anime I would recommend watching. It’s an anime with wasted potential that gradually grew it’s plot and then turned stale with an underwhelming plot twist. However, if you’re into the overpowered anime fights then give it a shot because that is honestly the biggest plus point I can give this anime . It’s just 13 episodes so you’re not really missing much by giving it a try. That being said, my negative remarks on the anime could simply because my friends hyped this anime up way more than it deserved. If another season were to come out, I would watch it and give this anime another try. Overall a very average anime.


I would give this anime 3/5 stars.

2 thoughts on “The God of High School| Anime| “Overpowered, over the top.”

  1. SilverCrowv1 says:

    This anime would have been much better if they had paced it well and add some blood in the fights. The Webtoon was super amazing, so I was really hyped for this anime’s release. But it simply didn’t live up to my expectations.

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