Tower of God| Anime| “Not the anime of 2020.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone had a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


The Tower of God grants anyone who reaches the top any wish they desire. Rachel is Bam’s dearest friend and it is his desire to help her reach the top of the tower by any means necessary. By forcing their way into the tower, now with new friends and secrets about the tower unravelling, they must try their best to reach the top of the tower. However, Rachel seems to see things differently than Bam does.


Another webtoon made anime. This trend seems to be getting quite popular these days. And I’m not one to complain because the quality of animation and depth of story line on these webtoons is fantastic and really enjoyable. However, I always feel like the creators of these webtoons go way too over the top with their story line and it eventually just comes falling down. As in the case with God of High school as well, with the excess power with no context, I feel Tower of God not only lacked a large amount of information (which I know will be explained in season 2 and beyond but still very minimal information for season 1 as well) but also didn’t provide to us the best supporting character set that would suit our main character.

Starting off, I love the plot of Tower of God. No doubt, this anime has so much potential in terms of depth of plot, plot twists, and development. And the creators did a fantastic job in world development which I really appreciate. The concept of a tower with any wish being granted at the top floor is not a unique plot by any means, so for this anime to stand out despite that means a lot. The way the rankers think and their abilities bring so much more scope to what the anime will bring to us in the future. It can’t help but get you excited to see more rapid character development. And this is the biggest plus point of this anime.

I really enjoy Bam’s character. As a main character, he is so soft spoken that you would never feel he even dreamed of possessing such magnificently strong power. Even his determination doesn’t seem totally enforcing. His love for Rachel is so pure and the way the rankers and administrators acknowledge his power is what makes chills run down my spine. Because so far we’ve seen how strong the Rankers are and just knowing that Bam is going to surpass all of them by a huge amount just gets me super excited to see what this anime will offer in the future seasons. Along with this, Bam is just so clueless as to what is going on around him. While he may be our main character, he is barely involved with the main plot more than half of the time. Characters like Kuhn, the Jahan princesses and Laure bring so much intelligence and power into the picture that the quality of the anime to a different level. Of course, the rankers exceed to a level of their own, but I’m talking about people directly involved with Bam.

On the other hand, we have characters like Rachel who are the absolute reason why great anime fall. I have never been so annoyed at a character who is supposed to be the motivation for the main character. Not only was she extremely week, but to see her betray Bam over and over again was very annoying as well. I could not find one aspect about her character enjoyable and the creators are going to need to work wonders to change that opinion for me in the future seasons as well. The way she’s so secretive, cries as if she actually cares, and takes everything that Bam is doing for her for granted just irritates me to another level and honestly, she’s the only reason why this anime doesn’t deserve the title of “THE anime of 2020”.

The action scenes were great watches. More so because there was so much brain involved along with the brawn as well which I always appreciate. From the fight for the throne to the game of tag to helping Rachel advance to the next floor, all the events were great watches and seeing the plot twists were extremely fun. The anime still does have a lot of potential but I feel that season 1 jus wasn’t it. it lacked that punch that could’ve propelled the anime to another level. Right now there are too many working parts to the anime that just haven’t fallen into place. I see this anime being a great overall anime but not so much per season.

The opening and ending songs to the anime were good listens. Crunchyroll has been doing a great job running these anime with great animation. Honestly, despite all the negatives, I am still excited to see what future seasons have in store for us. Overall, a decent anime that could do better.


I would give this anime 3/5 stars.

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