Naruto : Shippuden (Ep. 1-53)| Anime| “A sudden jump in plot maturity and action.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone has had a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


As Naruto returns back from his training with Jiraiyah, the Villiage Hidden in Sand is under attack by the Akatsuki. As the ninjas from the Village Hidden in Leaves arrive at the scene, they discover secrets related to Orochimaru and Sasuke while battling it out to rescue Gaara.

After receiving some secret information about a spy working for Orochimaru, Sakura, Naruto, and two new members of team Kakashi go to investigate. However, here they are encountered with Orochimaru and eventually find Sasuke who they are desperate to take back.


Have to give it to the creators for giving a great start to this anime. The ending of Naruto was really sad and left at lot of expectations for Shippuden. And they did not fail to deliver. With a jump in plot maturity and quality of fights, the title I kept for this plot does justice to what I felt are the best aspects to this continuation of the anime.

Starting off, I loved the entry scene of Naruto after his training. It was not only quite emotional to see him grown up and meeting people after 3 long years, but it was also great fun to see what he had learnt. Through the challenge of Naruto and Sakura getting the bells of Kakashi, it showed a clear jump in power level for all our favourite characters. I can not sleep on how strong Sakura has become as well. Sakura, who has undergone training from Tsunade, has become really strong and a great medical ninja. Can not forget to mention how powerful Sasuke has become as well. Although we only got to see him for a few episodes, it was enough to see how much Orochimaru has trained him and what a big leap he has taken in using his Sharingan. Seeing everyone become so strong set it up perfectly for new power levels and even more amazing fights as well.

The first big fight between the Akatsuki was very interesting as well. It really set up a platform for what to expect in future fights. Sakura and Grandma against Sasori was a very enthralling fight where we get to see Sakura show her full potential of newly learnt medical and strength abilities. This was extremely enjoyable to watch because Sasori was a very strong opponent and seeing Sakura be so useful to Naruto and the team was heart-warming. On the other hand, Kakashi and Naruto went against Deidara which was quite annoying for the most part. Until the very end, it was just Deidara trying to separate Kakashi and Naruto and even when the fight scene occurred it was, for the most part, over quite quickly. However, getting to see Kakashi’s new power was absolutely insane and got me super hyped up. The fact that he can use Manekyo Sharingan even for a short period of time is super impressive in itself. And showing how dominant it was in this fight against Deidara just showed that it was a technique to be reckoned with.

Another great display of a fight was Team Kakashi against Itachi and Team Guy against Kisame. Although they were just clones, seeing Naruto escape from Itachi’s genjutsu nearly brought a tear to my eye because it showed how much he improved. It was amazing to see how much he’s grown throughout these flights and just showed how much potential he really has. Further, we really get to see Team Guy test the limits of their strength against Kisame. Guy is truly an annoying hidden gem who has so much power and ability. I know he has some great fights lined up for us in the future that I can’t wait for because he always finds a way to add a “comedic” piece to even the most difficult fight.

One of the most annoying part of these episodes has to be Team Guy fighting against their clones. This was such a dragged on fight that every time they came back on screen I would be irritated. And the worst part of the fight has to be how it ended. By simply using willpower, they defeated enemies that they were literally getting destroyed by. It was as though throughout the entire fight they were not using their full potential which really got me annoyed. Regardless, seeing them come to back up Kakashi and Naruto was quite heartwarming. We also get to see a slight view of Naruto’s new power. Seeing the bromance between Kakashi and Guy always brings a smile to my face. The most emotional scene had to be when Gaara went back to his village. Seeing people appreciate him and show their reliance on him brought some tears to my eyes.

Coming to the encounter with Orochimaru and Kabuto. We get introduced to two new characters: Sai and Yamato. Yamato, an ANBU Black Ops member is extremely powerful in himself while Sai is menacing with no emotions who you grow to love after many episodes of hating. Their encounter with Orochimaru was a spectacle. Because not only do we get to see Naruto going into his 4-tails form that Jiraiyah almost died encountering, but we also get to see a wonderful fight between Naruto and Orochimaru where Naruto displays some overwhelming power. The anime creates a lot of suspense to show how he will gain control over his Nine-tails power in the future making him all the more powerful.

Kabuto seems to have become even more mysterious and strong throughout the years which makes him an even more enjoyable character as well. The highlight of these episodes has to be the encounter with Sasuke. To see how insanely strong he’s become was absolutely wonderful. His speed, use of Sharingan, determination have all increased so much that you can’t help but be excited for the next Naruto vs Sasuke match up. The fight scenes have just gone up to another level with Jutsu’s that require extreme amounts of chakra and extreme levels of expertise as well. I can not express this enough, but I am extremely excited for what this anime has to offer in the coming episodes.

The animation quality of the anime has gone up a lot. More than that, the opening and ending songs are absolute bangers. They are some of the best anime openings I have heard and added them to my Spotify playlists immediately after listening. The potential for this anime is insane and I can’t wait to see more. Overall a great anime so far.


I would give these episodes of the anime 4/5 stars.

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