Psycho Pass 2| Anime| “Still dark yet less boring.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


Akanke continues her work as an investigator but with new enforcers and a new junior inspector who is completely loyal to Sibyl. A new villain has found a way to control his crime coefficient, thus acting as a threat to the entire Sibyl system. Now, Akane and her team must work to bring this threat down.


Please don’t mind the slightly lacklustre review as I saw this season maybe 5-6 months ago but it got pushed back by a lot of other reviews. So, my memory may not be the best but I still remember what I had to say about this anime for the most part.

Starting off, I found this season of the anime much more fun and interesting compared to season 1 of the anime in terms of plot and action. It lacked in terms of character development and overall character chemistry but that was mostly overshadowed by a much better story line. The first season really gets you prepared for a show called “The Sibyl System” and I guess with that thought in my mind I wasn’t really disappointed. As we discover more secrets to sibyl, we also get to see two contrasting characters that Akane has to deal with side by side i.e. a villain who completely opposes sibyl and has the ability to fight it and a subordinates who is entirely loyal to sibyl and is willing to sacrifice her life for it. While we also have Akane herself who knows Sibyl’s true forms and secrets which gives her complete authority over the system. So, this mix of plots and contrasting behaviours creates a nice combination of good action, suspense, and thrill.

A huge problem I have with this anime is the pacing. Because of how dark this anime is, the creators seem to make it slower than it actually should be. The pace at which they unravel the plot, develop the characters, and present suspenseful thrills is extremely slow and this makes it overall, quite boring. This is a huge task to overcome because most of the times I found myself fighting against sleep to continue watching. Now see, I said “most of the time” because there were some times when I was completely engrossed into the story line in the moment. However, time and time again, this anime has proven to be slow, dark, and boring which is not a great combination regardless of how much you improve the story line and that may even be the reason why I might not go on to watch season 3 of the anime.

Throughout the anime we also get to see Akane’s reminiscence over Kogami. She keeps hearing his voice and remembering the advice he gave her. I think this was really important to making the anime a continuation of the series. Other than that it really was entirely different than season 1. Seriously, even if you don’t remember what was going on with the Sibyl system in season 1, it wouldn’t matter because you would still understand season 2 at least for the most part. Kogami was a great character from season 1 who made it at least bearable to watch and this season Akane did a great job in carrying the anime, fighting the system, and showing some great action against the villain. We see Kamui use the system to his benefits very well which was very intriguing to watch as he destroys enforcers one by one. However, the anime takes it a step further with the reminiscing over Kogami by giving us enforcers that mimic his behaviour and attitude as well. In order for me to fully appreciate the presence of an anime character I also have to appreciate his absence. The anime truly failed in that department and this just made it seem like the anime was running out of ideas for new characters and needed help in further progressing.

Finally, the animation for this anime is really great. The dominators issued are always super cool and it makes me really tempted to buy one (even though it’s super expensive). The opening and ending songs are okay. Again, quite dark. I wouldn’t really recommend watching this anime but I do see an audience for this kind of anime style. So, give it a go if you’re interested. Overall very average.


I would give this season of the anime 3/5 stars.

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