The Promised Neverland (season 2)| Anime| “A good anime gone wrong.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


After escaping the farm, the children must fend for themselves in the wild. With demons all around and fear of people from the farm chasing them, everyone tries their best to survive. Along the way, they learn the truth behind the demons and the farms. Also, a group of demons that don’t eat humans? Now, their aim is to save all the humans stuck in farms and bring them back to the human realm. However, it’s never that easy.


A lot of things to say about this anime. What started off with a season 1 that created a huge fan base because of its’ unique story line and threat execution, transitioned into something more mainstream and bland however, still exciting. Yet, the anime failed to maintain any momentum with a rushed ending and no promises for a season 3 leading to my title of an anime that was genuinely good that went wrong.

Starting off, the season began with a completely different story. As the first season dwelled more with escaping and planning, this season was more to surviving and learning more of the world of the demons with the ultimate goal being going back to the world of humans. This is perfectly fine in my opinion although the anime did lose its’ sense of uniqueness but still managed to keep an interesting story line. There were still plenty of plot twists, good character development, and interesting world development. Seeing demons capable of intelligence, communication, rationalisation, forming groups, religions, etc. brought a whole aspect to the anime that could’ve main this a long-term good quality show. Initially, I saw myself not enjoying the anime taking the mainstream route but I found myself enjoying it quite a bit as they anime did a great job with plot building and leaving enough suspense for excitement.

Introducing aspects to the anime like demons who are capable of surviving without eating humans made the anime a whole lot more interesting. It covered a lot of potential holes in the plot of the anime. Also, bringing Norman back to life may not have been the best move because of how much of an impact it had in the first season. But, the surprise it gave me (and I’m sure a lot more people) got me super excited. At the same time, he did add a slightly devilish aspect to the anime. To see his change in personality really showed the troubles he went through. However, I did expect some more resistance from his team mates when he decided to side with Emma and Ray. This I feel could’ve been another portion of the anime that the creators could’ve expanded on. Rather, they made it quite childish and the easy acceptance just helped everything fall into place way too smoothly and easily which wasn’t very enjoyable.

What may have looked like a potentially decent anime eventually turned out to be ruined by the ending of it all. Firstly, I didn’t expect them to find the portal to the human realm in this season itself. I thought it would take at least another couple of seasons to unravel more secrets, have some trouble with their caretaker, and discover more stuff about the demon. However, this is where the anime lacked as the anime decided to fast forward into the children completely outsmarting the farms, getting all the caretakers onto their team, and finding the portal back to safety. And the best of it all, showing Ray, Emma, and Norman with their team of demons, saving all the kids on all the farms in the matter of 15 minutes! This was highly disappointing as the last 15 minutes of the anime had potential to be an entire other season. The anime not only did not give enough time to process all that had happened but also was so desperate to finish off the story that they ended up ruining a genuinely good anime. I always appreciate the promised Neverland for being a good and fun if not unique anime. However, this ending really showed me how the creators lacked interest in expanding the story. Their desire to just “finish off the show” really showed in the last episode and that really ticked me off. The creators of the anime should be ashamed with the ending to the anime because the fan base they had created was quite large and invested into what this anime could have possibly become and they fell far from it.

The opening and ending songs were fine. The animation quality like always was good. I’m sorry for being so rude and negative but I’m sure a lot of people agree with me when they see that an anime with such huge potential fails. And it’s not even like it progressively got worse. Although the quality did decline, it was not until the last episode till I felt the anime truly failed its’ audience. Overall very disappointed.


I would give this season of the anime 2/5 stars.

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