The Curious Case of Benjamin Button| Movie| “A beautiful story with even better delivery.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


Benjamin Button was born with a peculiar disease unknown to any doctor. After being abandoned by his family, he now grows up under the care of an old age home caretaker. However, Benjamin himself is aging backwards and has to lead an extraordinarily different life.


I am personally a huge fan of Brad Pitt and his films. I feel his acting in movies is wonderful and that the story in his films are always very interesting to watch. This movie is no different. With a great story and some wonderful acting, the directors have given us a film that may be quite long but was still worth every minute.

Let’s start with the story first. This whole concept of someone aging backwards from birth till death is really unique and I felt that in a lot of situations, this movie could have been rushed on not presented well at all. However, the way the story progresses and unfolds over the duration is what makes this movie stand out. There was never an age category that was sped up. Each time Brad Pitt was shown as a different age we were given time to adjust the kind of issues he would have to face and eventually empathise with his character as well. To start off life with old people and having the wisdom of an old man as a kid is just such a fascinating thing to think about that you can’t help but be at awe at the way this was all presented. And it isn’t even the story itself that makes this movie so great. It’s the fact that there’s so much thinking that goes off screen, creating scenarios in your head, etc. that makes the movie all the more interesting. There were a lot of times where I would have to pause the movie just to digest what was happening and this even helped me feel even more of the emotions of the characters.

Coming to the wonderful acting portion of the film. This is a very crucial part as the movie is based off of an unrealistic condition. Had the acting been anything less than perfect there would have been a severe loss in emotion and impact in the overall movie. However, each character did so well in contributing to the overall vibe of movie and this only helped pushed the story to its’ maximum potential. At the same time, I couldn’t find a single supporting character who was a hindrance to the plot or who overshadowed the main character in any way. The director did a great job in ensuring that every character contributed to the story in some way or the other and this led to a great film.

If you were to ask me if there were any downfalls of the film. I couldn’t tell you first hand. However, if I was to look at it extremely critically, I would say that there were a few times that I felt the pacing of the movie was a bit off. There were times where the story became quite heavy and then the plot would become quite slow and dragged. However, this was so minor that it did not have an effect on the overall film experience. There’s not much more to say about this film other than the great plot and great acting. I also feel like the movie created a great story to play around and didn’t stick to only the peculiar condition that Benjamin Button is facing. They always kept open the windows for his lost family, how the condition could have come to be, etc. And I feel that focusing a bit on these other aspects is what brought the entire movie together. I would highly recommend to watch this film. It is a great watch and is definitely worth your time. Overall a great move.


I would give this movie 4/5 stars.

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