Weak Hero (Ch. 1-50)| Webtoon| “A great MC with brutal action.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


A school run over by bullies who torture the weak. Gray Yeon isn’t going to let that stop him from excelling in his academics. This mysterious student suddenly establishes a new order in his class and over any bully that causes him hindrance. People underestimate his size and demeanour and now all the school’s are after him to take him down.


Back with another webtoon that I started after a recommendation from wishtought on my previous webtoon review. And, I must say, I am extremely grateful for this recommendation for how much fun I’ve had reading only the first 50 chapters.

Starting off with our protagonist; Gray Yeon. I can not express how much of a likeable character he is. Not only do we get the combination of confident, prideful, unforgiving, and determined but we also get the great mix of extremely intelligent and ruthlessly strong as well. For a main character, you can’t ask for much more than Gray Yeon as he encompasses the essence of a truly great one. The way he gives killer gazes, has lifeless eyes, a sad past, a determined future, and keeps to himself just makes for a character that doesn’t bore his audience for even a second. With a story that is so focused on fighting, bullying, and picking on the weak, Gray Yeon is the breath of fresh air that makes you remember that this is ultimately a show about high schoolers and that bullies can’t always have their way. He is also the perfect representation of don’t judge a book by its’ cover. His carefree attitude towards bullying other than the type that gets in his way of education just enhances his personality so much. The way Gray keeps to himself and his books makes him seem so soft and loveable and then we get to see a killer side to him when someone pisses him off. I know, this is an excessive amount of praise but honestly, Gray may be one of my favourite main characters ever and it is undoubtedly justified (at least till where I’ve read. Be prepared for a sudden change in opinion if things go downhill from here).

The side characters of this webtoon are nothing to sleep on either. We have so many characters introduced throughout the reading of this webtoon that you can’t help but love some of them as well. None of them go to the extent of overshadowing Gray himself. However, these characters do have the ability to steal the spotlight for the right amount of time for the audience to connect with them on a more emotional level. Ben Park, Teddy Jin, Alex Go, Gerrard Jin, they all have a sort of likeable characteristic to them that you pick up on during different parts of the reading. They all have a sort of hard side- soft side to them that just show the readers that they’re bullies more in the sense of necessity than actual enjoyment of prying off the weak. They add the humorous element to the show that is much required in what would otherwise be too hard headed. They also add to the overall story by being sort of “partners in crime” to Gray as they always end up getting clumped together in fights. I find it very innocent how Ben Park tries his best to get Gray involved in their friend group but always shies off when he’s actually a monster bully himself. On the other hand, the webtoon does a great job of hyping up the so called “villains” of the anime. Characters like Jimmy Bae and Donald Na were made out to look so powerful and this just enhanced the overall emotion being conveyed through the webtoon.

One of the best parts of this webtoon has to be the suspense. The creators did a great job in creating a story that kills you to know what happens in the next chapter. I mean, there are literally times where the chapter ends with a cool dialogue or a death stare and you were thinking that this would be the last chapter of the night but you end up going “OMG NO WAY” and reading another 5-10 chapters before you’re satisfied. If this webtoon is turned into an anime I can see how the creators will utterly abuse this amazing part of the webtoon and make me die for more. And this is a great part of the overall experience. Suspense is essential to build up more excitement in the audience and the creators did a great job at it. I find this to be one of the best aspects of this webtoon and this sort of joy/thrill that comes from the suspense is what keeps me hooked on to it. As for the art style, I can’t complain. While it might not be on the levels of solo Levelling, it is still really good in itself. The style writing and the art compliment each other well. I am super excited to read more and see what this webtoon has to offer. Overall a great Webtoon.


I would give these chapters of the webtoon 4.5/5 stars.

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