Weak Hero (Ch. 51-100)| Webtoon| “A combination of fantastic character and plot development.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. I just came back from a 3 day vacation with my university friends who I haven’t met for over a year. I had a great time and honestly, I’m already missing them. Hopefully we all can meet again soon! So, let’s begin.


As the students of Eunjang have started to make a name for themselves, Ben Park has his eyes set on taking down the union to bring peace once and for all. Eunjang’s white mamba has grown tremendously in popularity and has even been deemed as the head of Eunjang. However, with more powerful names being taken down, the union can’t sit quietly forever. As things are beginning to stir up, both sides must plan to take action before they are taken down. At the same time, Gray is forced to face his dark past while also making friends who are helping him overcome it.


This webtoon doesn’t cease to surprise me with each and every chapter. Following the fantastic first 50 chapters, the webtoon still continues to provide the same amount (if not more) of enjoyment, excitement, and pleasure. And this has been emphasised through fantastic plot and character development throughout these 50 chapters as well.

Starting off with Gray once again. Here we see a roller coaster side of Gray Yeon. Throughout these 50 chapters we see him juggle between smart, strong, broken, determined, and someone who couldn’t care less. As usual, his role as a protagonist is solidified with absolute dominance on the centre stage. He is never over shadowed by other characters but is also not given excess screen time to make us bored of seeing him. To see him making friends and even opening up to Ben Park was truly heart warming. It felt as though I was watching a small flower blossoming into something so much bigger and greater. And to compare his personality to a small flower would be an injustice. Rather Gray Yeon can be compared to a small rose with the strongest of thorns. Pleasing to the eye but painful to pluck. His fight against the Wolf was a spectacle. I genuinely believed that for a first time, Gray would be put in place and he would undergo some serous planning and training before facing off against him again. However, like always, the suspense and surprises overpowered any of my instincts and Gray showed us a side we didn’t even know existed in him. Even when everything was against him; number, location, power, etc. Gray did not shudder in the face of fear, rather he was fearful of the memories that were holding him back. And the creators did such a great job to show how Gray had to face his fear head on while also showing his badass fighting skills. And to top it all off, the 100 chapters ends with Gray going back to the rooftop with no fear. As if he has overcome his fear and has come to acceptance with reality. This not only indicates a huge segment in Gray’s life but also the beginning of a monster who will have no stop in his growth.

Coming back to the supporting characters who are also ever so great. We see characters like Teddy and Gerard blossom through these chapters as well. Teddy has become a truly likeable character for the readers who isn’t only strong but also has such a cute, soft side to him. His involvement in the main group of friends is so subtle yet adds such a sense of relief that you can’t help but enjoy his character development. After the whole roof incident, to see him go beat up the students who couldn’t do anything to help Gray brought a smile to my face. Also, the whole part where he was worried sick about his cat who he had to send to the vet was so sweet. These contrasting characteristics of so many characters are what make us realise that while they are bullies, they are kids at the end of the day and aren’t emotionless. Gerard suddenly showing his musical and artistic side was such a surprise that I didn’t expect. However, this extra side to him has made his character stand out so much more than before. If anything, I thought of Gerard got be my least favourite character of the “squad” but to see this development has really changed my perspective on him. And of course, characters like Ben Park and Alex Go were really given their time to shine through these chapters as well. The friendship between the two is like brothers from the same family. To see them always protect each other is so heartwarming to watch. Ben Park is really a character who despite being so strong despises fighting unnecessarily. And, to see him being put into situations where he has to fight or else people around him who he loves or admires gets hurt is really tough to watch. His positive personality brings a different aspect to the entire webtoon that is absolutely necessary in what could potentially be a very dark and action-driven webtoon. I love how the creators dedicated 2-3 entire chapters to show the history between Alex Go and Ben Park. This was so necessary to further exemplify the emotion through the audience and also understand the history between the two characters and the union.

Like always, the webtoon does a fantastic job in creating suspense and developing plot simultaneously. By finally giving us an insight into Donald Na’s power, we are able to see what is to come in the future chapters. Although we don’t get to see present-day Donald Na’s power, we do get to see how he dominated Ben Park in a one-on-one fight. Considering that the webtoon has made Ben Park seem extremely strong, by having a character who dominates even that just creates os much excitement for what’s to come. And to add to that, the character developments for each and every character compliment the plot development so well. The pacing of this webtoon is absolutely perfect. Nothing seems rush nor too slow. the creators know how to perfectly capture the emotion in each scene and exemplify it with the help of more excitement, suspense, anticipation, etc. This webtoon is so amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone else as well. I can’t wait to read more and see what the next 50 chapters has in store. Overall amazing.


I would give these chapters of the webtoon 4.5/5 stars.

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