Naruto: Shippuden (Ep. 243-348)| Anime| “How can something so good be mixed with something so boring?”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. Finally back in Hyderabad after a whole month with my relatives in Mumbai. I got med a school starting on the 16th of August. Wish me luck guys! So, let’s begin.


As the war is finally on its’ way, the Shinobi Alliance must face the huge army created by Toby, Kabuto, and Zetsu. As the war progresses, Naruto learns about what is going on and takes it upon himself to put an end to the war. However, things aren’t going to be so easy. As a lot of the enemy’s army consists of fellow allied Shinobi, everyone must fight to the best of their abilities to emerge victorious.


After over 100 episodes of Naruto I finally decided it was time to take a break and review what I’ve seen. And I must say, while these 100 episodes may have been some of the best action and plot development in the entire series, it was painful to watch this continuously which is why it took me so long.

Starting off, I want to discuss why it was so painful to watch these 100 episodes. While a lot of the arcs and story was extremely interesting and enjoyable to watch, the show just has so many fillers that makes it unbearable to see continuously. The show does a terrible job in maintaining flow and continuity of excitement and joy. Just when the show begins to pick up and starts to become extremely fun, the creators stop everything and take you to some of the most boring fillers in existence. And this is the biggest downfall of this anime. The lack of good quality suspense and prolonged enjoyment cause me to feel so disinterested in the anime as a whole No matter how good the action, character and plot development are, it can’t make up for the hours and hours of unnecessary episodes and scenes. If I were to give Naruto an honest review, I would have to say that you should watch it only for the action. Because the anime literally forbids you from enjoying the plot to its’ full extent. The characters, plot depth, world building, and action of Naruto are beyond the scope of any other anime. However the fact that this anime is literally 50% real story and 50% filler ruins everything. This only means that in my previous blog where I stated that Naruto will never be in my top 5 (even possibly top 10) still stands and it is justified with the amount of struggle and pain I had to go through to stay motivated through these 100 episodes and not drop the anime halfway through. I truly cannot see how diehard Naruto fans can hold up this anime so much. Maybe if you saw the anime on a weekly basis it would make more sense because you aren’t forced to go through literal filler arcs of 20-30 episodes. But yes, these are the real negatives Naruto that the creators have been constantly doing since episode 1 and I don’t see things improving in the future episodes as well.

Now that we got all the negatives out of the way. Coming to the great parts of these 100 episodes. These episodes not only have some of the greatest action in anime history but also some have the best plot development as well. With bringing back almost every single character in Naruto history, we get to see everyone fight to their maximum potential once again. This led to these 100 episodes having not only some butt clenching action but also a lot of emotion involved as well. The whole scene how Naruto figures out he’s being kept on an island to not get involved with the war and then his entrance scenes into all the different battle grounds was phenomenal. Also, the way Tsunade and the Raikage test Naruto to see if he would be helpful or a hinderance to the war was so exciting it had me full of goosebumps. You can really see the development of Naruto as an MC throughout the anime and it is really appreciated. Not only do we see a development in terms of power (which is the case for most anime) but it’s also an overall development in personality. His growth and maturity have evolved throughout the episodes and that makes his character stand out so much more than what a regular character development would do. To top it all of, the characters have made Naruto into such a reliable MC that his appearance on each battle scene not only in stills a sense of relieved but also gives so much more excitement because you just know that the fight is going to go up a few power levels leading to better quality action.

The match ups through these episodes are what really enhance the action and enjoyment. Firstly, seeing almost all of the Akatsuki being revived is already something so exciting. I mentioned before how the Akatsuki bring a sort of powerful and evil is atmosphere to them that just makes the anime so much more dark and exciting. And so, seeing them up and about and battling against other powerful Shinobi just made everything so much better. On top of that, the revival of 4 Kages and making them battle against some of the current Kage and a huge army was another great match up. There was a great display of power and skill and to see Naruto arrive on the scene and completely dominate was an absolute spectacle to behold. Seeing where Naruto has come from and to see him being so useful to the entire Shinobi world truly puts a smile on my face and (more often than not) tears in my eyes. Some other emotional matchups were definitely Sai against his own brother and Ino Shika Cho against Asuma. Both these fights may not have been great in terms of the action and quality but we’re definitely very emotional and heartfelt to watch. One thing I don’t understand about this anime is why they would consider all these fights are part of the “fillers”. Although these fights don’t contribute to the main plot, they still hold a sort of emotional value to a pert of the main plot. I feel they deserve to be considered part of the main story. The fight between Naruto and Bee against Nagato and Itachi was also a fantastic match. Of course, this review of fights can not be complete without mention of the 3 huge fights. Firstly, Sasuke and Itachi against Kabuto was mind blowing. The display of dominance from Itachi jus makes you love his character so much more and regret his passing even more. The way they unravelled his past as well as strengthened the brotherly bond throughout the fight is what made me glued to my screen. Itachi is truly one of the most amazing characters in Naruto and it is justified through these episodes. Secondly, the fight between the 5 Kage and Madara. To see the actual Madara being revived created some great suspense as to who was behind the mask of the person claiming to be the real Madara. However, the creators messed up the suspense by dragging out the reveal of Toby way too long even after introducing Madara. Madara’s introduction had to be one of the most badass entry scenes to the anime ever. That planetary devastation attack was mind blowing and then to further see his dominance over all the 5 Kage just solidified his role as the strongest opponent to enter the Naruto world. Finally, the fight between Naruto, Bee, Kakashi, and Guy against Obito and the rest of the Jinchuriki was great as well. Not only did the fight build a lot on work development but also provided a lot of emotional backstory as well as fantastic action scenes.

These episodes have SO MANY back stories I can’t even explain. And the problem with this anime is that they repeat the same story like 10 times before the creators are satisfied. This is quite annoying honestly. However, towards the end of these 100 episodes, we get to see some really good quality back stories that are super interesting. The backstory of Itachi, the creation of the Akatsuki, how Obito is still alive, etc. all add so much to the plot and world development. I can only see this plot, character, and world development improving in the future episodes as well. Now that Sasuke has even brought back Orochimaru, the anime is heading into a direction where all the small fries have been eliminated and only the big, strong characters are standing. I can see how the anime will have some great action in the upcoming episode. The plot development is absolutely fantastic and I can not stress that enough. The story doesn’t just develop on what is going on in present time but also focuses on the overall historical development of the story as well. This is an extremely difficult thing to do that the creators have done wonderfully. The anime is showing a lot of parallel story lines that has potential to create drastic loopholes. However, there are no holes in the plot and that’s a hats off to the creators. I am excited to see what this anime is going to show us in the upcoming episodes. I am really not excited to go though countless fillers and back stories however. Still, overall quite exciting.


I would give these episodes of the anime 3.5/5 stars.

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