Tokyo Revengers| First Impression| “Erased and Weak Hero vibes.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.

While my friends were pushing me to watch this anime nearly everyday this past month, I was more determined to wait this one out till there were enough episodes for me to binge the series. I’m 3 episodes into this anime and I do have quite mixed opinions so far. My friends have hyped this anime up to another level so I do have some high expectations in the future episodes to come.

Starting off with the title of my blog of the anime having erased plus weak hero vibes. To be honest, this is probably one of the best comparisons I could make for this anime. If you remember in Erased (Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi), there was an extremely similar concept of going back in time to cause a butterfly effect that would cause his friend to live in present day. And that is what this anime is about as well with our MC having to go back in time to save his one and only girlfriend from dying due to a violent gang in present time. At the same time, we have the schools being run over by delinquents who come under the same gang. There’s a hierarchical system in place, a lot of violence, good people, bad people, etc. etc. This is where the similarity to Weak Hero comes in. Our MC, Takemichi seems to be quite the weak and lost personality who finally finds meaning in life with this time jump concept. And although he does have all the personality traits of someone weak and small, he is willing to sacrifice everything for his one girlfriend that he wishes to save, Hinata. I feel this more or less justifies he title of this blog.

Coming to the plot itself. After seeing just 3 episodes, I didn’t find that the anime had a sort of kick that pushed me to want to watch more. There’s a clear lack of suspense and the plot is unravelling extremely slowly thus far. At the same time, the potential that this plot has is immense. While Erased was a much more predictable anime, I have no idea what to expect in the upcoming episodes. There are money branched stories coming into play in this anime that the world building potential is huge. Explaining the concept of the time jump, why Takemichi loves Hinata so many years even after breaking up, the story of Sano’s brother, how many times Takemichi will have to time jump before he is actually able to get the desired result, etc. These are all questions that are continuously running in my mind while watching this anime and if the creators do a good job in unravelling each and every segment then I can see how this anime will be absolutely amazing. As long as the creators do a good job in the pacing and portrayal then the anime has the potential of moving up considerably in my list of favourite anime.

I am yet to see what the hype is about this anime. The art style is decent. It’s nothing special and the animation style is pretty clean as well. The opening and ending songs are real bangers. Great listens and really enjoyable. I am excited to see what this anime has in store in the upcoming episodes. Overall, not a bad start.

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