Naruto: Shippuden (Ep. 349-375)| Anime| “Probably some of the best and most iconic moments in anime history.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. With college re-opening right around the corner, it’s time I finally start my journey in med school. I don’t know how this will affect my blogging schedule but I don’t intend to put an end to my blog site either. I hope to continue blogging throughout even if the frequency of posts is reduced. So, let’s begin.


These episodes of Naruto follow two arcs:

In the first arc, the story travels back to the past giving us a back story on Kakashi. Watching a majority of the same scenes we’ve scene before but through the eyes of Kakashi. We learn more of the hardships Kakashi had to face through his journey as a Shinobi.

In the second arc, the war continues as the ten tails has been revived. Battles galore as the Shinobi alliance along with Naruto fight against Obito and Madara. However, the battle won’t be so easy. With even stronger reinforcements coming for the Shinobi alliance, the battle is far from coming to an end.


Starting off, the reason I chose to review only 2 arcs is because these episodes were just so amazing and exciting that I have so much to talk about that I don’t want to forget by the time I watch a few more arcs. Compared to the rest of Naruto, these episodes had so much more excitement, darkness, emotions, and overall development that it truly deserves a blog post of its’ own.

Firstly, let’s talk about the Kakashi arc. This was probably the best filler of the entire Naruto series up until now. Everyone loves Kakashi and too see his past was the perfect way to not only increase his fan base but to also involve a ton of more emotion in the action scenes a of the war. While people might look at this arc as something separate from the entire story I feel like this arc enhances the main story in a lot of ways. Not only did it give some insight onto what Kakashi has gone through (which has always been a question) but it also laid a basis for the existence of Obito as a villain. It created a sense of compassion and much deeper thinking of the reason behind the war. As we learn more about Obito you can’t help but compare his personality to Naruto and at the same time you can see that Obito is just Naruto gone astray. At the same time, the relation between Kakashi and Obito is quite similar to Naruto and Sasuke as well. As Kakashi is constantly fighting to bring Obito back to his old self however Obito has seen a different side of the world and wants to bring back everything to an idealistic peace. This Kakashi arc brought out a side of Obito no one expected and that’s why I feel that this arc is more of a “main plot” arc than just a filler.

Another thing I loved about the Kakashi arc was seeing everything through Kakshi’s eyes. One thing about Naruto that I always say it super annoying is the fact that they show the same flashback over 100 times. However, this time, while they were still showing the same flashbacks, it was through the lens of someone else. We not only get a different perspective of an already known flashback but we also get to see a different perspective of what was going on before and after that flashback as well. The relationship between Kakashi and the fourth Hokage was really heartwarming. And to see Kakashi grow up from someone so cold-hearted to what we know him as in present time is so heart warming and enjoyable to watch. Another great aspect to this arc was introducing Itachi into the picture. To see him grow in the Shinobi ranks, work alongside Kakashi, and eventually see what pushed him to turning rogue almost made him steal Kakshi’s spotlight. However, once again, it was the same flashback just from a different lens and this is what makes this arc so special to me.

Coming to the next arc, words can not describe the combination of emotions I feel after watching this. From the battles to the plot development to the character development to the deaths to the amazing entry scenes, everything about this arc was absolutely perfect. For the first time we get see a darker side to Naruto outside of the Akatsuki and I feel that because of this the plot and character development was enhanced so much. Firstly, to see Naruto being able to use the nine tails chakra so well is a jaw dropping moment in itself. The relationship and bond he has created with Kurama is fantastic. Being able to protect the entire Shinobi Alliance and hold his own against two of the most powerful Shinobi ever is an outstanding feat and I can’t help but have a huge grin on my face every time I think about it. To see how reliable and responsible Naruto has become makes me so happy. Next, I have to talk about the amazing entry scenes for all the amazing characters. Beyond the battle that Naruto and the Shinobi Alliance are fighting, Sasuke and Orochimaru revive the 4 Hokage and further Orochimaru also brings back the 5 current Kage. The level of battling has only just started to go up and I don’t know how the anime is going to keep upping the levels as the story goes on. As more and more powerful characters come onto the scene, the quality of the battles are only going to improve and that to me is so exciting.

The anime has made massive strides in character and plot development that I am so proud of. The plot depth and world building of this anime is so fantastic. The way the creators are creating stuff from the past and correlating it so well to current day affairs is not an easy task but the anime has done it so beautifully that I can not help but appreciate it. Another example of this has to be the backstory of Madara and Hashirama. This was another fantastic back story that had me glued to the screen for its’ entire duration. The long rivalry between the Uchiha and Sanju reaches its’ climax with the battles of Madara and Hashirama. However, just knowing their love-hate relationship makes it tough to watch what war has done to them. With their dream of creating a free and peaceful village coming true you can’t help but think that the rivalry goes deeper than any friendship or bond. The backstory had so much knowledge, information, and emotion passed on from it that the war suddenly becomes so much more meaningful. As Hashirama enters the war, it feels as though Madara is more excited than fearful. It is as though his coming back to life wasn’t for the purpose of infinite tsukuyomi rather it was to meet his eternal friend and fight one last battle against him. The two’s lives are meaningless without one another and while their ideals and goals are different, in the end their dream is the same; to live peacefully along with one another. This part of Naruto makes me feel like the anime is more than just fighting and shouting. the plot is extremely deep and meaningful and that just makes the anime so much more beautiful. The story goes back hundreds of thousands of years but for each generation the story is always the same. The fighting is always meaningless and the bonds are always the same. Everyone might be fighting for their own ideals but in the end everyone strives for peace. This is where the entire plot of Naruto surprised me. I can’t wait to see how the plot further develops and how the anime will become more and more beautiful as well.

I can’t end this blog without talking about the amazing entry scenes and some of the amazing battle scenes as well. The entrance of Minato into the battle had me literally shouting in excitement. Using his transportation justu to transport the huge ten tails attack was phenomenal and his reuniting was Naruto was even more heart warming. Further, the entry scene of Sasuke was quite iconic as well. Never did I expect him to claim to become Hokage nor did I expect him to work so well with Naruto as well. The whole scene where Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto did that three way deadlock wa phenomenal and was so exciting that I was just on the edge of my seat the entire time. This arc had so many iconic scenes that I’m getting goosebumps just while typing this. Of course, we can’t sleep on the amazing combination attack of Naruto and Sasuke against the ten tails which was so magnificent as well. Seeing the development of Orochimaru into someone nice was something unexpected as well. From being the main villain to someone who only lives to see Sasuke succeed is a huge change in direction but is something we desperately needed. Finally, the fight between Obito and Kakashi was a gut wrenching fight as well. With a fantastic show of animation, art style, ninjutsu, and emotion, this fight was so perfectly displayed. The transition between their fights from the younger days to their fights now just have so much meaning behind their actions. It was honestly just so enthralling to watch the two go at each other with Kakashi coming out victorious. And with Obito turning into the ten-tails jinchuriki, the plot only thickens and creates so much excitement for more.

While the plot has developed into something so much better, the animation has developed so much as well. As the quality and smoothness of animation has improved tremendously, the art style was able to keep up with the upgrades as well. I am super excited to see what this anime has in store for me in the upcoming episodes. Honestly, I have no complaints with these arcs and I hope the upcoming arcs hold the same as well. Overall amazing.


I would give these episodes of Naruto 4.5/5 stars.

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