Unbroken| Movie| “When you can feel the emotion through the screen.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. I’m 2 weeks down into my med school. So far it’s been a super hectic schedule with a lot of work to do on the daily basis but I’m still enjoying the process and I’m excited to see what more in in store. So, let’s begin.


Louis Zamperini was am Olympic track star who got drafted into World War II. After a near, fatal plane crash, he is forced to live at see with 2 comrades for over a month. Eventually, he is caught by the Japanese navy and is sent to live life on a prisoner of war camp. Now, he must survive the hardships of living as a prisoner in an enemy war state in order to finally be able to make to back home.


This movie takes you on a roller coaster of emotions as you are found celebrating the victories, loving the romance, dreading the journey, and empathising the experiences that Louie Zamperini had to go through. A very well directed movie with a very vast yet concise plot that had great delivery and even more of a message.

Starting off, I applaud the film for its’ realism and working well with the timeline. The acting was sublime and allowed for delivery of more emotion through the characters and what they were going through. This allowed for the film to feel more like an exact biopic and only enhanced the audience’s reaction to Louie’s life. The movie pushes out a lot of messages of brotherhood, determination, struggles of the time , and a lot more. As you watch the film, it is truly the acting and method of portrayal of the film that keeps you glued to your screen not wanting to stop the film for even a second.

The plot of the movie was very well laid out as well. Of course, we don’t get to see every single second of Louie’s life but we were shown the best (or to say, most entertaining) parts in the best way possible. The plot was perfectly laid out to emphasise the emotion more as well as make the storey more interesting. Showing Louie grow up into an Olympic runner and eventually become a bombardier because of his patriotism has a very powerful message behind that potentially has the ability to influence the masses about a lot of different things regarding those times. I must say, the way the film shows Louie’s month long journey at sea was truly very well portrayed. They show the struggles of getting food, water, and possibly losing their mind but at the same time we get to see the building of companionship, team work, and a whole lot of determination from the three characters. Eventually, when they do get caught by the Japanese soldiers, you can’t help but empathise with the characters. After being so harshly treated by the sea, to be in an even worse situation after coming to land is a tough scene to watch and was shown so well. Further, when the two friends are split up and sent to different camps, you realise that these people who were stuck over a month at sea are now separated and have no idea about whether the other will live or survive through the torture and hardships that they will now face.

Of course, the highlight of the film has to be Louie’s hardships in the prisoner of war camp (prison). Firstly, the Japanese soldiers are shown to be so evil and ruthless that the movie takes this opportunity to expand on this emotion. The soldier, Watanabe, is shown to be such a hard man who has his eye only set on breaking Louie’s heart and determination. This is where the movie starts showing Louie as nothing but a punishing bag for Watanbe but someone who is still so dedicated to his country and someone who will never break down but is determined to survive to the very end. For any person, I could imagine that having to go through that much pain and struggle with no end in sight, would push them to suicide, however Louie and the people he meet have kept their goal to survive to the very end and that’s what keeps them motivated to stay alive. The scene where Watanabe is trying to make a statement by making Louie hold a log above his head for as long as possible is such a powerful scene and had such a great method of delivery. I could feel so much emotion from the acting and even more determination from the action Louie was forced to do as well.

Finally, it was an extremely heartwarming scene to see Louie finally make it back home. I really enjoyed the clips after the movie where they showed what Louie and his friends were doing post arriving back home. It was a sort of fulfilment to see that he went through all the hardships and eventually made it out alive without losing his spirit. I would definitely recommend to watch this movie. It is a great watch and a lot of fun. Overall a good movie.


I would give this movie 4/5 stars.

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