Tokyo Revengers| Anime| “When an anime with great potential delivers.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. Week 3 into med school and I think it’s safe to say that the pressure is immense. The lack of sleep, the amount of work, and just the burden of online class makes this whole process so cumbersome. But writing this blog does give me a sense of relief. And I hope it continues to do so in the future as well. Anyways, let’s begin.


Takemichi Hanagaki was living a boring, regular life when one day he sees the news of his high school girlfriend and her brother being killed in an accident. When on the verge of death, he is transported back 12 years into the past where he is allowed to relive everything he’s been through. In the process, he joins the Tokyo Manji Gang all in pursuit of creating a timeline that would prevent the death of all his close friends in present times. However, Takemichi can not go back in time any more than exactly 12 years from the point he is in the future. So, making a mistake means not being able to correct the mistake as well. Now, the weak, crybaby Takemichi must fight against all odds to save his high school girlfriend, her brother, and his close friends from a potentially dark present.


I have so much to say about this anime. Other than the fact that this is probably one of the top 3 best anime of the year, the anime blows my mind in all aspects of plot, character development, suspense, potential, and the ability to create such a huge fan base from the type of anime that doesn’t typically go in that direction.

Starting off, let’s talk about the plot. This anime is the perfect example of a basic plot given a unique twist. Weak mc with the ability to travel back in time to change things that affect the present however, put in the equation of gangs, fighting, a lot of death, and deep meaningful relationships, and suddenly you have a mixture of everything that’s good about anime. And the creators didn’t only do a good job of creating this great plot but the fantastic development and use of suspense just amplified everything as a whole. The way the plot is being presented feels like so much is going on all the time, however if you really look at it in the grand scheme of things, the plot really hasn’t unravelled much which just sets up so much more potential in the future seasons. We’ve only seen Takemichi go back in time for changing about 2 present outcomes but the anime is set up in such a way that you never know what to expect next. You’re always left wondering, what’s his plan going to be this time, how’s this going to affect present day stuff, who is going to die next, and a lot more. And this potential for a plot to always keep you questioning about what is going to happen next enhances the anticipation and excitement a lot.

Now, talking about character development. Usually, I get annoyed when our MC is some weak, crybaby who just keeps fighting with his will and determination. That concept is so overused and bland now that it just ruins the entire anime. However, Tokyo Revengers took that same character description and made him not only so much more interesting but also provide scope of so much more improvement at an extremely rapid rate. You can really see how Takemichi changes from episode 1 to episode 24 and if that’s just an example of how things will progress in this anime then I’m here to stay. And let’s not forget how well the characters work with one another as well. We have Hinata who is sweet, loving, caring, yet so bold and forward. On the other hand we have characters like Mike and Draken who are so badass but on the inside are genuinely just high school kids who want to live like a family and have each other’s backs. Then on the other extreme end, you have members from Valhalla who are murder hungry and just so much more evil and cunning. All these combination of characters add so much more to the anime and creates the basis for a fan base. We have good looking characters, strong characters, emotional characters, loving characters, basically any type of character that you’re into. This can really be seen in the last few episodes when everyone gains so much love for Baaji and Chifuyu. The concept of making a whole gang, giving that gang merchandise, and on top of that having so many amazing characters, just improved the overall anime by creating a fan base that dreams of buying the clothes, fangirling over cute boys, debating over who is stronger or who has better moves, and so much more. And to me, this character development and creation of an amazing fan base is what sets the anime apart from the rest and makes everything so much better.

Finally, I want to talk about how much of a factor suspense played into this anime. In my opinion, this anime is one of the few anime that really deserves to be watched one episode per week. The creators abused the suspense factor that this anime has and honestly, that just improved the whole anime viewing experience for me. Even in the very last episode of the season, the anime literally had my jaw dropped to the floor and me screaming at how there won’t be an episode next week to clear my curiosity. You would never expect anime like this to have so much blood and violence that would just make the show so dark. The anime is so unpredictable that the suspense is just amplified and this excitement to see what would come in the next episode made me enjoy the anime so much more. And you obviously can not sleep on the amount of emotion this anime has as well. I honestly didn’t cry much when I saw what happened to Baaji but I definitely cried when I saw Chifuyu’s reaction to it. I had a passionate hatred for Kazutora but that was removed in an instant when he bowed his head in apology and Draken stopped him from committing suicide. This ability of the anime to make me feel so much emotion and also change it in the bling of an eye keeps me so invested into the plot and keeps me so much more excited as well.

The animation and art style of this anime aren’t anything special. The opening song is a banger, a great listen. I am so pumped to see what this anime will present to us in the future season. I would highly recommend to watch this anime it is truly worth it. Overall amazing.


I would give this anime 4.5/5 stars.

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