Squid Game| Korean Drama| “Gore galore.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


People who are greatly struggling in life financially are given an invite to a competition of survival where the winner wins over 45 billion Won. However, the process to be the last man standing isn’t an easy one. And the dirty secrets that lure beyond and behind the game bring forward a different face of reality.


This show got really popular really fast and so I just had to watch and see what all the hype is about. And, after watching it, I can see why this show had people all over it.

Starting off with the actual plot of the show. The concept of a murder game show is not something completely unique nor is it something you see everyday. However, I will applaud this show for taking such a concept and making it appeal to a large audience. Despite the amount of gore, disgusting scenes, and creepy atmosphere, the show managed to have a decent plot line that kept the audience enthralled and curious at all times. Taking people who are desperate for money only enhanced the plot as it helps set a basis for people who are willing to do anything and everything to survive till the very end. At the same time, these people are willing to throw out concepts like “self respect” and “image” when there’s so much money on the line. Even the games chosen were so interesting and fun to watch that it really kept me engaged with the show throughout. The plot did a great job in bringing out a lot of emotions through relationships, murder, death, dark scenes, disgusting scenes and a lot more. And it wasn’t just the games themselves that made the show great. It was the story that was going parallel along with it that really added a lot to the show. While the main plot was there to give us excitement through games and other stuff, the side plot is what really helped in plot development. The creation of the game, the people behind the game, real world correlations, the people who hide behind the mask, all these things created a more inquisitive side to the show which is something it really needed. These kind of shows usually follow a pattern of just having meaningless blood shed and a ton of death. However, squid game decided to enhance on its’ plot and set up a potential base for future seasons to see the story from different perspectives and also unravel more of the world that we’re all so curious about.

Coming to the characters of the show. I must say, the show had a phenomenal cast who really brought out so much more emotion through their surreal acting. The realism in the show was only truly brought out because of the realistic acting and that’s what really sets this show apart from the rest. The characters worked very well with each other as well. From the beginning, we really only see the story from one man’s perspective. We empathise with his family, his situation, and everything he’s going through. And then apart from him, the story is branched out to other characters. But the show doesn’t expand on these other characters, they are all shown in relation to our main character. This keeps the story much simpler and focuses on the main plot rather than deviating and showing us a lot of unnecessary back stories of people we couldn’t care less about. But the highlight of the characters has to be how well the creators got us attached to them. Personally, I loved the main character and his team mates. More than the money, it felt like they always had their back (with the exception of his so called brother of course). And to see the old man and Pakistani guy die was actually extremely emotional. At the same time, the girl of their group had such amazing character development. From someone who was always quiet and didn’t trust anyone, she suddenly became someone who expressed herself more openly and cared for people other than herself. This show had the perfect combination of characters, character development, relationship between characters, and delivery of emotion through their action.

Finally, I want to talk about how Korean shows are actually reaching main stream world. These kinds of shows and/or movies are what really set the trend for Korean shows spreading more throughout the world. Korean drama is already quote popular but is still quite niche. However, the amount of popularity that shows like Squid Game get sets forward to a new potential for Korean shows and movies. This can also be seen in Parasite. Koreans seem to make great movies or shows when it comes to stuff about poverty, revenge, gore, and realistic acting of people living in the lower sections of society. And it is highly appreciated because these kinds of shows or movie are extremely fun to watch. The ending of this show had so many plot twists. The fight between our main character and his brother was quite heartbreaking. At the same time, seeing the true identity of the old man was quite shocking and unexpected as well. Also, the identity of the frontman was really unexpected too. The message that the show was trying to convey really got through in the end of having compassion for humanity. The show does go to extremes to demonstrate this message but it is highly appreciated. The ending was kind of clichéd to set up a potential season 2 but it is kind of exciting to see what the show will have in store. Honestly, every episode was interesting in itself although there were short scenes that were a bit boring or the dialogue was not very interesting. Still, I highly recommend to watch this show but I warn of lots of blood, gore, bad language, and some really disgusting scenes. Overall a great show.


I would give this show 4/5 stars.

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