Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season| Anime| “Plot maturity and a great action build-up.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. I have my prelim exams next week so I’m going to be super busy. Wish me luck! So, let’s begin.


Class 1-A and 1-B go up against each other in a series of battles to see which class is superior to the other. The classes are split into teams of 4 aimed to capture the opposing team in a jail.

Following the battles, the students return back to their work studies where they learn and grow more from the top pro hero’s However, the villains aren’t relaxing either. With the upcoming Liberation Army, the League of Villains have to prove their dominance in the world of Villains. As Shigaraki looks to take over the throne from All for One, he must first defeat the Liberation Army to come out at the top.


As we come to an end of another MHA season, I can say for sure this time that the plot seems the most interesting than it has in a while. With great character and plot development, this season has shined more than the rest in setting a base for what two expect in the upcoming seasons. In terms of both, heroes and villains, we’ve seen massive developments, we’ve seen the formation of a new army for the villains, and with the possibility to “power up” quirks like, the show has opened an entirely new aspect to accelerate the growth of all our favourite characters.

Starting off with the plot development. I think I mention this in almost every review that when I watch MHA, I always have this lingering feeling at the back of my head that this show is way too kiddish. The fillers truly justify that feeling and the scenes that’s don’t involve any real plot development or action justify this as well. However, in this season, while those kind of scenes still had that kiddish feeling, the actual plot of the anime suddenly matured into something much darker and deeper. Firstly, we get some more insight into Todorkoi’s family and Endeavour’s strive to make things right with his children. I found this part of the plot to be extremely meaningful in showing how even the strongest heroes have some of the worst regrets but still have to show a strong face in the public. Moving on, we get to see Deku learn more about his One for All power. As he discovers some abilities from his predecessors, he is know working on making those abilities his own. This potential for growth and the introduction of more powers in the future is so exciting and it’s going to make the action and character development even better in the upcoming seasons as well. Further, the real highlight of plot development had to be the interaction between the Liberation Army and the League of Villians. This part of the anime not only showed the world of quirk’s from a different perspective but also set up so well for an upcoming amazing battle between the villains and heroes. With words of philosophy and insane power ups, the plot maturity has done this anime a great service in appealing to its’ audience. With the plot giving us more insight into the character of Shigaraki and his past, we get to really connect with the characters on a more emotional level and understand where they come from. And I find this immensely important in enjoying the overall anime experience.

Coming to the character development. One thing about this season that was a let down was how much Todorki was overshadowed by literally every other character. With nearly no screen time and probably some of the most limited dialogues, the real main characters of this season were only Bakugo and Midoriya. The only time he was really given any “spotlight” was when it was related to Endeavour which I don’t really appreciate. While Endeavour was the star of season 4, this season showed him in an entirely different light. Once, as a caring and concerned father and another as a leader and trainer to the upcoming great heroes. I loved this character development for the anime. We can really see how the anime is trying its’ level best to give Endeavour that status of the number one hero that everything can rely on. His relationship with Hawks is awesome as well. Hawks is always willing to take the risky leap and keep all the publicity on himself while Endeavour focuses on just protecting the people and improving his image as well. Hawks surprised me this season as being probably the best supporting hero in the entire industry. I really love Hawk’s character of never wanting to be in the front of danger but always putting himself in the riskiest of situations to unravel the truth. We can not sleep on the character development of Deku either. As he learns so much more about the One for All powers, we can really see his character grow with each episode. And, with the upcoming insane battles, this is absolutely necessary to ensure that there is no one sided battles. The anime also showed a lot of maturity from Bakugo’s side. While he is still loud and obnoxious (yet amazing), he has shown a lot of personality developments as he acknowledges Deku’s power and is constantly striving to better himself in terms of inter-personal skills and usage of his quirk. Finally, the highlight o character development had to be for Shigaraki. I can not express how amazing the episodes of Shigaraki’s back story were and how important they were to truly empathise with his character. To see where he came from and what led him on the path to becoming a villain was so heart breaking and so entertaining. The creators did a great job in setting up Shigaraki as the new world leader of villains with a brilliant mind and a fantastic ability.

Finally, coming to the action and the concept of “power ups”. This season once again gave us a ton of great action with some fun match ups. We get to see a lot of new quirks (all really) from class 1-B and have them matched up against the quirks from class 1-A. These bouts were very entertaining to watch especially since the it was interesting to see how the quirk’s can be used. Further, the battle between the League of Villains and the Liberation Army was the highlight of this season. As almost every villain gets this so called “power up”, we can literally watch the team of 5-6 people completely dominate an entire army of hundreds to thousands. This battle really made me love Twice and Shigaraki’s characters a lot as this fight really brought out their best. Further, this concept of “power ups” has really changed the dynamics of this show. Now that we know quirks have the potential to become better and more powerful than what they were initially, this has opened up a whole world of potential development in the upcoming season. Better fights, increased power levels, truly better plot and character development, and a lot more. I can see how the creators can use this concept to improve the anime tremendously and I really hope they don’t fail to deliver.

The animation quality, as always, was great. The opening and ending songs were quite boring. I skipped them each and every time because of how bad it was honestly. The anime has really set up a lot of expectations for the upcoming seasons. I do hope the anime delivers and continues to grow on its’ maturity and development. Overall a great season.


I would give this season of the anime 4/5 stars.

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