Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings| Movie| “Great Marvel action. Lacking Marvel plot.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. Just got done with my first major exams of med school. Can’t say they went too great but I’m slowly trying to better myself in my study and exam taking techniques. So, let’s begin.


Shang-Chi has been trained in an extreme form of weapon based kung-fu. However, after he runs away from home, he is finally forced to confront his past and his father. He must stop his father from making the mistakes of opening the gates to the dark realm under the false pretence of being able to bring his wife back from death.


Finally went for this movie last week with my friends. And I must say, it felt good to see a movie in the theatre after so long. It just gives a completely different experience than if I were to watch this movie at home. There are movies that are made specifically for the big screen and I feel Marvel movies are the perfect example for that. As for Shang-chi, seeing on the big screen was great because of the great visuals and audio throughout the film. However, as a whole the movie did lack in a few areas.

Starting off with the plot of the film. I do feel that the plot of the movie was quite weak, boring, and plain for the most part. Nothing about the overall plot really stood out to me and got me excited. A run away marital artist fights his depressed, evil-turned dad so stop him from wreaking havoc on Earth. That is essentially what the entire plot was. Shang-chi’s journey growing up may have been the only interesting part of the plot where he encountered his mother’s death, underwent some serious training, and ran away from home. But, everything other than that was just extremely ordinary and boring for the most part. That being said, what was lacking in the plot was truly recovered through the action and visuals of the movie. This movie had probably some of the best action I’ve seen ever in Marvel movies. The way Shang-chi fights is so enthralling and captivating that I found myself glued to the screen during every fight. The bus scene especially where he fought the sword-arm guy was such a great fight that I was on the edge of my seat the entire time out of excitement. Even the scenes where he fights on the side of the building and later fights against his own father were just so fun and exciting to watch. I’ve seen lots of movies where the action is just so boring but this movie is the perfect example of what good action means in a movie. Mix this great action with some cool visual effects and you have a mixture for a happy audience who have come to see a fun action packed superhero movie.

The acting of the film was quote lacklustre. There was nothing that stood out in terms of acting. It wasn’t bad per se but the acting didn’t play any factor in adding to the essence of this film in any way. However the characters were quite fun. We have Shang-chi’ best friend (or lover whatever you want to call her) who is such a great comedic relief to the film. I really feel like she brings the audience back to the screen when things become way too serious and I really appreciate that. Without her the movie would honestly not be that good. We also have the actor guy who adds another sort of humour to the film by adding no real value other than mellowing down serious situations. I really give that to Marvel for not making super hero movies all action, drama, and seriousness but also allowing for some more enjoyment in terms of comedy and light-hearted banter. Another great thing about Marvel movies, especially this one, is the music. I really liked the Shang-chi soundtrack. Marvel does a great job in choosing the music for their movies and it really shows in this one.

Not much more to say about this film. The Marvel cinematic universe has already begun moving into a new generation of super heroes. I can really see these guys being the future. However, they have to do a lot more to bring these characters to the fore front and provide them that stage for getting fame equivalent to people like Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, and the others. I am excited to see how Marvel will do this. Till then, we will just enjoy these small heroes introduce themselves and slowly grow from there. I would definitely recommend to watch this film. It is great fun especially if you’re with your friends. Overall a decent movie.


I would give this movie 3/5 stars.

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