Alice in Borderland| TV Show| “Not a live action anime but definitely feels like it.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone has had a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


A group of friends are randomly transported to a world where they are made to play games in order to survive. Along the way, they discover that they are not the only ones there. They must figure out a way to put an end to the system and also find out who is behind the creation of the system as well. However, this isn’t very easy when you’re fighting to stay alive each and every day.


Of course this show was recommended to me after watching the Squid Game simply because of how the concepts are so similar yet the delivery is so different. I have a lot to say about this show because it has a lot of positives and negatives that deserve spotlight.

Starting off with the plot. I honestly found this to be a very strong aspect of this show. Although it was more towards science fiction (unlike in squid game), the plot was nothing short of interesting and enjoyable. Not only did the creators do a great job in plot development but also used aspects of suspense very well in slowly unravelling the secrets of this new world entirely. I found the whole concept of having to play games to survive in this unknown world to be very interesting. The game choices were absolutely fantastic as it relied more on skill than physical strength (for the most cases) and actually allowed the audience to participate by trying to figure out how the game can actually cleared. The system of visas and cards were very unique to the show and lead to a lot of questions behind the creation and completion of the game as well. And above all this, even in this new world, humans somehow found a way to group together to help each other survive and eventually (hopefully) clear the game. It was as if I was watching a show of survival, adventure, games, and drama all in one. And there was no aspect of the plot that I found boring either. Although for the fact that the ending of the show was slightly rushed, I feel like the creators did a great job at ending the show at the perfect time to create enough suspense for season 2. They answered a lot of questions in season 1 and left enough room for excitement and curiosity of what to expect in the next season as well.

One negative of the show has to be the characters. The acting was honestly quite poor and it gave way too much of “live-action anime” vibes. And, as we all know, live actions aren’t usually the best. The characters themselves had great personalities but the way it was portrayed was way too much in that “anime” style. Which also makes me wonder how much better this show would have been if it was made into an anime rather than a regular show. I honestly feel the animation feel and effect this show would have would have made it way better but then again, it would’ve catered to a different audience and this review would be entirely different as well. Regardless, while the characters did compliment each other quite well and they did make the show interesting in their own ways, I feel the acting and demonstration of characters was quite forceful in portrayal and that’s what ruined this show from going to another level. And I feel this is also the reason why the show won’t get the equivalent recognition that the Squid Game got. Because while realism is another huge aspect, the acting also makes a huge difference on how the audience is going to perceive the show. Acting can make even the most unrealistic thing seem realistic and that’s what’s really gauges the audience’s attention. And that’s where Squid Game really elevated their show and came out on top. Because even though I found Alice in Borderland to have a better plot and better games, I found myself feeling quite bored during some scenes simply because of exemplified unrealism enhanced by below average acting.

Another negative about this show has to be the world building. The show has so much potential to expand beyond the scopes of just Japan but manages to stay confined without question into a small region. It leaves you wondering what is happening in the rest of the world. There was even a scene where one of the characters even mentions about what happened to the rest of the world but the show decided to leave it at that. I feel that the show can really be elevated to another level in terms of plot if they answer those kind of questions as well. I also feel that the death of Chota’s friends was quite rushed. And while it was quite a heartfelt scene we weren’t really given enough time to process or digest their deaths. The creators focused more on showing us a “noble” and “cool” death rather than actually expanding on the emotions and feelings behind the death. So, while the show was quite good in terms of plot development and games, it severely lacked in terms of delivering emotion as well as developing beyond the realms of just our immediate characters.

Despite all the negatives, I would recommend to give this show a look at least once. There are some scenes that are quite boring but as an overall show it was still fun to watch because you really never know what to expect next. I man curious to see what is going to happen in season 2 because they’ve set up a lot of expectations. I do hope they improve their acting and make it more “show-like” rather than like a live action. Overall an average show.


I would give this show 2.5/5 stars.

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