Naruto: Shippuden (Ep. 451-500)| Anime| “The best ending to an anime ever.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. I haven’t posted for the last 2 weeks simply because I had my midterms and I also had a wedding to attend. But now they’re finally done and I am just looking forward to the Christmas break. So, lets begin.


These episodes follow about 5 arcs over a span of 50 episodes.

The first arc gives us the entire backstory of Itachi Uchiha. What his contributions were to the village, the relationships he made and lost through his life, and the difficulties he had to go through to help the village prosper. The show further goes into his life during the Akatsuki and showed everything he went through till the day he died.

The second arc is the end of the war arc where Naruto and Sasuke enter their final moments of their battle against the reincarnated Kaguya Otsutsuki. The arc also takes us back in time to give us the backstory of Kaguya, her life, her children, and her grandchildren. The arc also shows us the origin of the Sanju and Uchiha rivalry.

In the 3rd, 4th, and 5th arc, we reach the flag end of the anime. In the 3rd arc, we are given a Sasuke arc where he is roaming the world to more or less atone for his sins. And we are shown Sasuke having to fight against someone who absolutely despises the Uchiha clan because of years of injustice against them. Next, we are given a Shikamaru arc where for one final time we see him use his insane IQ and wit to outsmart any opponent and come back home unscathed as always with even more intelligence than before. And finally, we have Naurto and Hinata’s wedding arc where all of Naruto and Hinata’s friends have been tasked with the mission to get a good gift for the wedding. And the show ends on the wedding day of Hinata and Naruto.


Starting off, although this series has put me through a roller coaster of emotions, these last 50 episodes really blew my mind. In terms of the pacing, action, final character developments, and ending to plot development, these 50 episodes surpassed all my expectations and really made me realise how much of an emotional attachment I had created with this anime. In light of that, you’ll see that this review will have nothing but praise for these episodes of the show. So, I was planning to do an entire Naruto series review after a couple of weeks to basically summarise my journey throughout this anime. Let me know what you guys think about that.

In the first arc, we are given the back story of Itachi and his life’s journey. This arc is simply made to completely clear up Itachi’s image once and for all and to solidify him into all Naruto fans’ hearts as one of the greatest Naruto characters. Throughout the back story we are shown nothing but Itachi’s sheer devotion for the Hidden Leaf village. He was willing to do anything and everything for the village to prosper. At the same time, we see a softer side of Itachi as well. How he even cared for his fellow clan members initially and even had a romantic interest. However, he could see that the Uchiha ideals were against the village ideals and he was left with nothing but pain when it came to choosing between the clan and the village. Above all this, we see Itachi’s true love for Sasuke. How he always kept Sasuke in mind throughout all his actions and even put Sasuke ahead of his love for the village. This aspect of the anime is really shown to be quite dark and quite meaningful as well. Unlike regular Naruto arcs, this one had a lot more of reading between the lines and really allowed us to appreciate Itachi to the fullest. We also get the indication of Itachi being more like a shadow Hokage even after he was told to become a rogue ninja. He would do all the dirty work outside of the village but ultimately for the sake of the village. And this is what Sasuke really encompassed at the end of the series as well. I really enjoyed watching this arc even though it came quite randomly between an extremely exciting war arc.

In the second arc, the creators give us the intense “end of the war fight” that takes place conveniently between current team 7 (plus Obito) and Kaguya. And honestly, I’m not complaining. The way we get to see Naruto and Sasuke work together and power up so heavily against the insanely strong Kaguya was an absolute treat to behold. With every action scene I was simply left in awe and sheer excitement as to what was going to happen next. The creators did a great job on not wasting too much time talking and spent more time on executing and fighting. And of course, just for names sake, they had to include Sakura into the final action scene with her punch (honestly, she was nothing but useless for the most part). But the real surprise of this arc has to be Kakashi. When he brings out his Susano after Obito’s death I was literally screaming with joy and excitement. For the first time, it was starting to feel like Kakashi was being quite useless to the anime and that he was actually being a hindrance to Naruto and Sasuke. However, the creators didn’t let his legacy end there. With Kakashi powering up, we not only get to see a new and improved Susano but we also get to see him take on Kaguya and eventually be a key factor in the reason they were able to finally beat Kaguya as well. This honestly got me feeling so much that I had goosebumps all over my body. The suspense, pacing of the fight, animation quality, and sheer quality of action was absolutely perfect and it was honestly a great end to the war. The creators didn’t leave us with an anti-climatic ending and gave us what we deserved after everything we’ve been through.

Over the course of the second arc, we are also given plenty of back stories to the time of Kaguya, Hagoromo and Hamura, and Indra and Ashura. This was another amazing backstory. Not only did this help in plot development in present times but set up so much for world development as well. I found these episodes to be super interesting purely because of how much could be correlated from the past to present day. The way Kaguya went through love but fell into despair, how Hagoromo and Hamura tried to understand their mother’s pain but failed and only saw the dark secrets that she was hiding, and further how Indra and Ashura were drastically different in personalities and their approach to the world of ninshu and how that created the concept of war and battles in the present world with the formation of the Senjus and Uchiha. All of these really emphasised a lot into the meaning behind Naruto’s (and others) ideals behind world peace and their pursuit to end all fighting. At the same time, this backstory also gave us some good action scenes as well. Kaguya vs Hagoromo and Hamura was an amazing fight with some foreshadowing to the last fight between Kaguya vs Naruto and Sasuke. Another awesome fight was Indra vs Ashura which was also foreshadowing the fights between Madara and Hashirama and also the upcoming battles between Naruto and Sasuke. These fights not only were on a different level but also held so much meaning and impact. And the delivery was nothing short of flawless. The only one issue that I would probably say I had would be that I feel like the anime tried fitting in way too much stuff last minute. Had the creators been building up all this backstory throughout the anime, the final delivery might have had even more impact and could possible have improved the anime to another level entirely. However, I’m not going to complain much about this because even the way they did it now was absolutely fantastic.

In the next part of the arc, we basically reach the end of the entire Shippuden series. Everything after this arc was just how the village is doing and how everyone is enjoying the peace they fought so hard for. In this arc, the war battle is finally over. Now, before releasing everyone from the infinite tsukiyomi, the matter of Sasuke’s ideals and beliefs have to finally be resolved. And just like Indra and Ashura, Sasuke and Naruto also have exact opposite beliefs and ideals on how they want the ninja world to grow and develop. While Naruto believes that the people can come together and work peacefully side by side, Sasuke had a much more radical approach and believed to be a supreme leader who would take all the pain on himself while everyone else under him would live in peace. The amount of thought-provoking dialogue spoken between the two had me shook as for the first time it felt like Naruto wasn’t just a lot of meaningless fighting and screaming. The anime suddenly felt to have so much more meaning than it did before and this really amplified the anime experience as a whole. Now, coming to the action proper of Naruto vs Sasuke. Words can not express how brilliant this fight is. We are given action on an entirely different level along with so much emotion, meaning, and quality animation. Every second of this fight had me on the edge of my seat with goosebumps throughout my body. With each move, we are presented with mind blowing power levels that we didn’t even know were possible to exist. I can’t even pinpoint just one part of the fight that was amazing because every single aspect of this fight just made going through all the useless filler and boring scenes just so worth it. I honestly rank this in my top 3 best anime fights in all of anime and once you watch it you will understand why as well. And to top it all off, the creators ended the fight in the most perfect way as well. Where Naruto is finally able to convince Sasuke of his ideals and gets Sasuke to finally acknowledge him and put his entire faith into Naruto’s ninja way. The end of the fight honestly had me in tears and for an anime to make me sob that much just shows how much emotion it really delivered.

Finally, in the last few arcs, the anime just changes entirely. As we see the state of the villages post-war and the newly found peace, these episodes just try to emphasise how the world is rid of most of inter-village issues and how everyone is living in peace and harmony. Kakashi becomes the new Hokage and Sasuke sets off on a journey to understand his emotions and also atone for his sins. In the meantime, Naruto is made to finally finish school as the village prepares to make him the next Hokage. One thing about these episodes that is different from anything else is the sudden change of pace in the anime. The anime suddenly slows down immensely in terms of delivery and really focuses on all the emotions. This really made the ending of this anime feel like I was watching a slice of life anime as there was so much emotion and meaning behind every episode rather than action and drama. Giving us a final Sasuke and Shikamaru arc was just the anime’s attempt at extending the ending and also giving us a small filler arc with entirely different animation and a super dark yet meaningful vibe seemed like the anime’s attempt at reliving those bonds we created with all the main characters throughout the anime. And, to conclude the entire series, we are given a final arc for preparations of Naruto and Hinata’s wedding. Here we are given more time to really enjoy all our side characters of Naruto to the fullest extent. There was a desperate attempt to bring up Iruka sensei in the ranks of popularity. We see the village consider Naruto to be the greatest Shinobi of all time. Honestly, through all these episodes, I had a frog in my throat the entire time. For the entire duration of these arcs, I found myself holding back tears seeing how far all characters have reached and how much they’ve achieved. It really felt like I saw all the characters grow up from innocent kids to amazing adults. And in the final episode, when we get to see the video everyone made for the wedding plus Naruto asking Iruka sensei to attend the wedding as his father I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer. I was literally sobbing at the beautiful ending and was even left in deep thought for a whole week after watching the anime. The ending for this anime couldn’t be anymore perfect. The change in pace from something so action packed and drama heavy to something so simple, meaningful, and slow paced really made all the different in emotional delivery and forming those final bonds between all our favourite characters. The fan base for the anime is truly justified as the anime takes us through this crazy journey and ends with absolute love and care.

For the most part, the animation quality of these episodes of the anime was really good as well. And the opening and ending songs were absolute bangers. I honestly can not find any fault with these last 50 episodes of Naruto and you can really see that with the amount of praise I’ve given throughout this review. It really sucks that I’ve finished this anime but now it’s time to move on to catching up with a lot more. Overall fantastic and beautiful.


I would give these episodes of the anime 5/5 stars.

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