Moriarty the Patriot| First Impression| “Potential for a fantastic mystery anime.”

Hey guys how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.

Finally got around to watching this anime after weeks of my friend totally fangirling over how much he enjoyed watching this. He also warned me that the first few episodes are very mediocre in comparison to the rest of the anime. So, I’m actually pretty excited to see how this first impression is going to age over the course of the anime and how it’ll compare to my review at the end.

Starting off, we are clearly told that this show is more of a play off of the Sherlock Holmes series where Moriarty is also a detective who takes a much more radical approach to solving cases and ridding evil from the world. Moriarty is simply too intelligent in terms of book knowledge as well as deductive ability. The way he notices even the smallest of things and correlates it to a much larger picture sets him apart from the rest. And, to top it all off, he doesn’t hold back on criminals. Unlike most ethical (morally restricted?) detectives, he believes in punishing criminals to set an example. He won’t punish the criminals himself but will give the opportunity to his client to punish the criminal in a way they deem fit. So, more than a bringer of peace in the world, he is more like a mediator who brings the victim to the criminal. I found this whole concept to be extremely interesting. Because while on one side we do have genuinely good people who simply want to solve cases and rid evil one by one, these kind of radical measures of punishing criminals do have their own positive effect as well. For starters, this could put fear into other criminals heart. It may cause them to think twice before committing a crime in fear and worry that they may become Moriarty’s next target. In all, Moriarty is the perfect definition of good evil. And the world needs a balance of genuinely good people and people who do bad for the greater good.

Through the first few episodes, we are first shown Moriarty’s skills as a detective. His amazing ability to look much deeper than what meets the eye and combine that with his vast knowledge makes him an amazing detective. Although, I honestly felt like the case they present in the very first episode was a bit too unrealistically quickly solved. This doesn’t change the fact that the way it was presented was actually very interesting and that I can really see how the cases in the future episodes will be very enthralling and fun to watch. Later, the show takes us into a back story of where Moriarty comes from and what leads him to being the good-evil detective he is today. How Moriarty used his intelligence to create Greta connections and convince the people around him to put their faith into his mind and ability. Moriarty has a very powerful voice with great ability to manipulate feeble-minded people using convincing words that people fall head over heels for. I really love how the first few episodes of the show have set up a very solid base for what to expect in this anime in the upcoming episodes. They’ve already presented the main characters in a very organised and sequential manner and have also set up a sort of emotional connection between the audience and them as well. For example, although I’ve talked a lot about how the show is portraying Moriarty to be a genius detective, the show has also shown us a soft side to Moriarty. His love for his brother is immense and ensuring his care and safety is always his top priority over anything else. We see that he has come from a life of rags and has built his way up to a life of riches showing his sheer will and determination as well. It’s these subtle things that make such a huge difference in an anime and so far, the creators have done a great job for that in this anime.

The opening and ending songs are pretty good as well. The animation quality is quite clean and the art style is pleasant to the eye. Honestly, I’m very excited to see what this anime has in store. I have a lot of high hopes. Overall, a great start to the anime.

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