Spider-Man: No Way Home| Movie| “Fan service at its’ best”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in wit ha brand new blog. A very merry Christmas and a happy new year to all. I haven’t been posting much recently simply because of how busy I’ve been. We just got our winter break recently and I was travelling and had some friends come home for the holidays. I have a ton of blogs just backed up and I’ve had no time to write anything. Anyways, let’s begin.


Now that the world knows the true identity of Spider-Man, Peter Parker’s life has changed for the worse. The world has divided into supporters for spider-man and supporters for Mysterio. Peter can no longer live a normal life as every place judges him based on his superhero identity. And this change in Peter’s life has also had a major effect on Ned and Mj’s lives as well. In need of help from Dr. Strange to make people forget his true identity, Peter causes a multi-dimensional problem. As villians from other universes enter his own, it is Peter’s job to stop them before they cause more havoc in his own universe. However, Peter is not alone. While the villians from other dimensions have come into Peter’s, there are also other superheroes who have come to the rescue as well.


I did see this movie about a week ago but again, because of a busy schedule, I didn’t get any time to really write about it. But at the same time, I did have enough time to process how I felt about this movie that was hyped up so much over the past few months. This was most definitely the most anticipated spider-man movie ever and while it does do service to its’ fan base it definitely does not deserve titles like “best marvel movie ever” or “best spider-man movie ever”.

Starting off with the plot of the film. There’s not much to complain about this. While the plot was probably just above average, I honestly feel that people overhyping the film set my expectations way too high. The timeline is making a lot of sense and the suspense it what really brought out the enjoyment for the plot. However, I do feel like the plot lacked a certain impact. The movie doesn’t hold onto important scenes that could have delivered so much more emotion to the audience and could’ve enhanced the viewing experience so much more. At the same time, the movie was so heavily dependent on suspense and plot twists that they forgot to improve on their comedic relief and action scenes throughout the film. Of course, whenever we see the old villains and spider-men come onto the screen, it is nothing but pure joy and excitement but that was really all the move had to offer. The action scenes were honestly quite bland and this didn’t really capture the essence of a good spider-man movie. I feel like a lot of the “big” parts of the movie were left in the background of the film which reduced the quality of the overall plot.

While I did say that the action scenes were quite lacking, I still feel like there were some enjoyable moments. The whole Dr. Strange vs Spider-Man scene was fantastic and so fun to watch. On the other hand, seeing the 3 spider-men work together to fight against all the villains was so exciting it couldn’t help but put a big smile across my face. But other than these two scenes, there was nothing that really stood out in this movie in terms of plot and action. So, for people to be claiming that this movie is the “best ever” is a really far stretch. I am not saying I didn’t enjoy watching this film but I do feel like the creators could’ve portrayed a lot of things way better to make the movie much better as well.

What do I mean by this movie being entirely “fan service”? While the movie did sacrifice a lot in terms of plot and action, it made up for in terms of getting the Marvel audience super excited. I can not explain the joy on my face when they introduced the other 2 spider-men from the older spider-man movies. Their introduction scenes were so exciting that it caused me to release a hoot in the theatre as well. On top of that, the scene where Peter loses Aunt May and then the other two spider-men come from the top of the school building to work with him to defeat all the villains was just so cool (also another scene that could’ve had so much more emotional impact but was overruled by fan service). And finally, the scene where the 3 spider-men finally got their team-work together and started swinging off the building to kick some villain butt was just so perfectly executed and was definitely an audience pleaser. Even the scene where Andrew Garfield saves current world MJ but starts crying at how he could’ve saved his world Gwen was so quickly pushed over but had the potential to have so much more meaning and impact. These kind of things in the movie really appeal to the nostalgia and excitement of the audience and this is what the basis of the entire movie was. With a severely lacking plot and action, the fan service made a clear attempt at bringing this film up and honestly, I feel like we deserved so much more.

In the final scenes of the movie we see Spider-Man back to where it all started. With no one having any memories of who spider-man actually is and Peter deciding to keep it that way just for the sake of living a more normal life in the long run. I do really appreciate this ending because this was honestly the only part that had any real emotional impact. The post-credit scenes of the movie were probably the highlight of the film because of how much excitement it built up for the new upcoming Dr. Strange movie. The movie had a decent sound track, nothing compared to previous spider-man movies. You can really see how the CGI is improving throughout marvel films and that is exciting to know how much more scope is possible. I am not saying I don’t like this movie but I do feel like it could’ve been way better with the opportunities in the film. Overall an above average film.


I would give this movie 3/5 stars.

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