The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement (Season 5)| Anime| “A somewhat better season, a somewhat lacklustre end.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


As Ban is still searching for Meliodas in purgatory, the seven deadly sins are split up to face off against Zeldris and Estarossa. However, Estarossa isn’t who we think he is. As secrets unravel with nail biting plot twists, the real enemy is none other than the demon king himself. To save the world and secure the future of Britannia, the seven deadly sins face the Demon King and have to fight to the utmost of their abilities. But, there’s still some more “chaos” stirring in the background as well.


I gave this season a few weeks before writing the review just so I could let it sit with me and see how I felt about it. But if there’s anything to really say about it, it’s that this anime is not really a rememberable one. With some good action match ups and seasons worth of developing plot, seven deadly sins as a whole is a very average to below average anime and that will be seen throughout this blog.

Starting off with the plot of this season. It honestly felt as though all the seasons that led up to this one were pretty much useless in terms of plot development. Apart from a few things that really had a major impact, everything in this season was entirely new. With the number of plot twists and change in character personality it was as if this season could be a separate anime of its’ own. To say clearly, the plot lacks severely in continuity and that really hurts the anime as a whole. This does not mean to undermine the fact that the plot twists were quite interesting and surprising and that the plot was still understandable. But, to have so many elements added in this last season that were barely ever mentioned in previous seasons just makes it feel like the entire story leading up to the last season was quite meaningless. And if there’s anything the plot really emphasised in this final season, it’s that the anime is nothing more than people literally creating planetary level wars over girls they’ve loved. For an anime that is supposed to be considered a “new-age big three”, this plot was nothing short of a disappointment with no scope of motivating and a complete lack of a message to the audience. I found it to be quite boring in a lot of aspects as well.

Coming to the characters and action. These were probably the only saving grace for this anime. We see Ban become super strong through his journey in purgatory which was honestly, very exciting to watch. At the same time, later into the season we also see the re-awakening of Arthur which honestly, had so much more scope if it had continued. Further, we also see King powering up to someone much more powerful as well which was a great aspect to add into the anime. The action for this season was super fun to watch. The match ups were honestly so great. We get to see Escanor fight a lot which is always a treat to watch. In fact, seeing him actually fight all out against the demon king was probably one of the best fight’s in this anime so far. Also, seeing Ban be able to fight the Demon King one on one just shows how much stronger he had become and really got me excited as well. Escanor was probably the highlight of this season (like he is for all other seasons as well). His ultimate form was really so similar to Endeavour from My Hero Academia. And the combination of his insane strength with his great pride just makes the dialogues and action scenes so much better. Later, seeing Arthur’s true power was really a huge shocker. I found him to be on an absolutely different level from the rest and I really wish the anime had capitalised on that before ending the anime.

The ending of the anime had to be one of the biggest disappointments. After we see the rebirth of Arthur and Merlin’s true goal, the anime honestly took a completely different turn and seemed to have so much more potential. It had the potential to have a much better plot along with some fantastic action scenes. However, everything ended up being so rushed that the creators ruined even what was considered the “decent” part of the anime. After a plot that was so dragged on in the initial part of the season with the demon king coming back in so many forms just to fight again and again, the Arthur and Chaos arc probably could’ve been the anime’s redemption. There’s not much positive to really say about this anime because of how much potential it had but wasted. Terrible animation simply added to the mess of the anime and brought down the quality of action scenes as well. There are only probably a handful of good scenes from this anime that are worth remembering other than which the anime was nothing but a disappointment.

The opening and ending songs were not too bad. But other than that this anime ended with a lot of unmentioned expectations, a lacking plot, decent characters, and decent fight scenes. I wouldn’t really recommend anyone to watch this anime because it is more or less a waste of time. Overall quite poor.


I would give this season of the anime 2/s5 stars.

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