Moriarty the Patriot| Anime| “Great plot meets great execution”

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Following the stories of Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty is an antagonist who has the same ideology as Sherlock but performs it in the form of evil. Ultimately, he has an evil approach to achieve the greater good of eliminating the concept of inequality in society between the nobles and common man. With common enemies, who is in the right? And even if the other is in the wrong then ultimately what is the best way to achieve the common goal? Sherlock and Moriarty both deal with problems in their own way, the only question is who is better at what they do?


Another anime recommendation from my friend who loves these detective type shows. This anime has a ton of positives and very few negatives in all aspects. It was a very intellectual and exciting anime and had me glued to the screen for its’ entire duration.

Starting off with the plot, this was probably the best part of the anime. Firstly, the initial few episodes dealt with individual cases with set up a lot of credibility to our main character Moriarty. It set up a standard for the intelligence and the quality of cases and detective skills that would be shown in the rest of the episodes. While most of the time it felt like it was a bit out of human scope, the way they would unravel the cases was quite astounding to watch. It would leave me with a sense of shock at the end of the episode. However, this lead to the sacrifice of suspense in the first few episodes. And if there’s anything a show needs to do to keep its’ audience interested in the first 3 episodes its’ to keep a massive cliffhanger and then to build off on that. Later through the season, the creators did make use of good suspense. However, this was the only thing lacking in the initial episodes which I felt would’ve gotten me much more invested much quicker.

Further, the plot continues to glorify murder for the greater good through some interesting cases that Moriarty seems to be great at creating. He had a sort of finesse and class in his work which was displayed throughout the anime. The plot because of this seemed to be quite elegant despite the fact that, once again, it glorified murder. The introduction of Sherlock Holmes was done absolutely perfectly as well. They didn’t bring him into the show too early on so as to steal the spotlight from Moriarty but rather he was made to look an above average person who piques Moriarty’s interest through his deductive and physical skills. It was very interesting to see how the two found themselves to be the perfect frenemies with each other without having one proper encounter. Moriarty understood that Sherlock was the only one capable of catching him while Sherlock knew that while Morairty’s actions were wrong his intent was in the right place and the current state of society might actually need such a harsh route to achieve results. And that brings me to the next segment of what is great with the plot. The inequality shown in society between the nobles and the commoners was shown so distinctively and so subtly throughout each and every episode. This hatred and desire for crime stems from this inequality and while we all innately know that murder and crime is bad, for once we all overlook Moriarty as a bad person and see him more as a hero. He takes on a different meaning of an “antagonist” and that’s what really sets this anime apart from the rest. To see good and evil fighting against each other is quite common but to see them fighting for the exact same thing takes skill to portray and that’s what the creators did perfectly. You can really appreciate a very deep and meaningful plot throughout the entire season. Combine that with some light gore, cunning detectives, and intense mystery and you are in store for one hell of an anime.

The characters were all absolutely amazing as well. Moriarty has such a likeable and enjoyable personality and Sherlock compliments him so perfectly by being the exact opposite yet still equally likeable and enjoyable. At the same time, the side characters add so much to the plot that you are never left feeling that the anime is centred just around these two guys. Everything just fits so perfectly and no one is there just for the sake of the show without any purposeful meaning. Later on in the show, the detective work becomes way more secondary however and the show begins to focus more on the battle between Moriarty and Sherlock. This was absolutely delightful to watch solely because it was a battle of intellect and who could outplay the other better and faster. It was like an exciting competition that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The ending of the anime was so beautifully written and displayed. Moriarty never committed crimes against people in the right. So, after his purpose was complete and he more or less abolished the inequality in society, he decided to take his leave and allow everyone else to live a happy life. His death would signify the end of inequality and would represent a common goal accomplished for both the nobles and the common people. However, no one other than Sherlock truly understood Moriarty. He knew that despite Moriarty’s wrong actions, he was a good person at heart and that he only wished the best for his family and close friends. Their whole interaction at the bridge at the end of the anime had so much meaning and depth that you are left in thought for quite some time after the anime is complete. And any anime that has you thinking even after the show is done is an anime well made.

The songs for the anime are above average nothing too amazing. The animation quality is pretty good as well and the art style fits in well. I would highly recommend watching this anime as a one time watch. It was a really enjoyable anime to watch. Overall, a great anime.


I would give this anime 4/5 stars.

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