Attack on Titan: The Final Season| Anime| First Impression| “Probably the most awaited anime season ever.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. After finally getting done with my finals for the first sem of med school last week I have a couple of weeks off to relax. I can finally get back to watching all the anime I’ve been missing out on. So, let’s begin.

The first episode was a great way to start off the season. Not only did it create a great base for what to expect in the upcoming episodes but it also gave ample time to reconnect with what was going on and an opportunity to see all our favourite characters. The episode set up a lot of suspense for the upcoming plot and action which honestly got me very excited. This season of attack on titan was truly the most awaited anime season and there are a lot of expectations. I have read from countless places that the manga ending is really disappointing and that the expectations shouldn’t be set so high. But they would have to really ruin the years of plot and character development to disappoint me from any possible ending.

The episode starts off with a half dead Levi which already shows how the fight is going to be slightly lopsided. A strong and hefty Marley side seem to be overpowering the army at Paradis island who are shocked that the Marley’s were able to recoup so quickly. In need for stronger and more experienced forces, all of Eren’s friends are tasked to decide whether it is in their best interest to protect Eren. They must decide if saving Eren as their friend takes priority or letting Eren fight alone to show their protest against Eren’s ideology. I do feel that they will obviously help Eren fight against the Marley army and that will improve the action scenes a lot but I honestly can’t imagine a war without captain Levi having a crazy entrance scene and just destroying everyone in his sight. I really hope he somehow makes a recovery and we get to see some pretty crazy scenes from him in the upcoming episodes. Further, I also hope to see some awesome scenes from the rest of Eren’s friends as well.

In the first episode itself we get to see an interaction between Eren and Reiner again which was so hype. Both of them facing off as the founding titan and the armoured titan is always a much awaited fight scene. You really get to see how much stronger Eren has become and how his confidence shows in his moves and fights. He has really matured to another level which makes him a much more enjoyable character overall. Although it sucks that his ideology is so rigid and cruel, it really adds to the overall plot and gives you such a different perspective of the anime that honestly, no one else would think of. I can’t wait to further see Eren’s friends support him as he fights against all the titans from the Marley side. I can really see this season having some great action mixed in with some great plot twists as well.

One of the biggest shocks of this season had to be the animation. The quality of the animation jumped leaps beyond any of my expectations. I really loved the quality and smoothness of the titans and this really enhances the action scenes as well. This will definitely be a huge plus point as the season goes on and I can’t wait to see how the animator’s will use this. The opening song is a great listen as well (probably one of my favourites). I am really excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for us. I should really lower my expectations because I usually end up getting disappointed. But, let’s see what else is to come. Overall, an exciting start.

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