Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 2)| Anime| “Picture perfectly mainstream.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin. 


After the death of Rengoku, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu begin intensive training to become stronger capable of protecting the people around them. During their training, Tengen Uzui, the sound Hashira appears before them looking for people to take on a mission. The scene is set with Uzui, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu in the entertainment district looking for Uzui’s 3 wives who have information regarding some high level demons staying in the area. However, things take a turn as the high grade demon turns out to be none other than the upper moon 6. An intense battle pursues as everyone is pushed to their limit to survive and protect the people around them. 


I left this review for a couple of weeks solely because I wanted to let this season digest with me before I gave my opinion. And I’m glad that I did so because this season of Demon Slayer was probably one of the most amazing anime seasons I’ve ever seen and at the same time the way I’ve seen the creators elevate such a generic story line into something so fun and exciting is absolutely excellent. 

Starting with the plot, this probably is the only aspect of the anime that you can consider average or above average. Following the death of Rengoku, the anime holds the emotion by showing a rough interaction between Tanjiro and Rengoku’s family. His younger brother who is lamenting his death on one side while his father acting tough and ignorant on the other side. This part of the show did a great service to the emotional aspect of the anime as seeing Rengoku’s dad breakdown immediately led me to breakdown as well. You can’t help but feel the emotion through the screen and that’s a great quality for an anime to have. The good part is that the show doesn’t just jump from one story to another. It always seems to carry the emotions and feelings of the previous seasons or arcs which enhances the overall viewing experience. The training, although quite short, was very rigorous and showed how determined the three were to get much stronger in a shorter period of time. That being said, you could make out the training was nothing in comparison to the feats they would have to achieve in the future episodes/ seasons.

Even for the plot of the main part of the season, it was basically an exact copy of what we got in the movie. We are shown a demon who we believe is upper moon and just when Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke are about the defeat the Demon the ACTUAL upper moon demon makes the appearance and that’s when the show suddenly becomes insane. I’m not saying this wasn’t exciting but the lack of originality and copying the exact same plot back to back seems kinda lazy on the creators part and that isn’t appreciated. That being said, nothing could have prepared me for the amazing action scenes combined with the crazy plot twists, insane power ups, and beautiful animation. 

Before coming to the best part of the anime, I need to talk about some of our characters in this season which was just such a wonderful aspect of the anime. Tanjiro had some fantastic development in terms of strength and skill. To see him slowly getting better and better at using the sun breathing technique is extremely exciting and combining that with flashbacks of a sun breathing user completely owning Muzan just shows how much potential Tanjiro actually has. But Tanjiro wasn’t the one that really stole the show for me. Neither was it Uzui who was just so damn exciting to watch throughout the entire season. No, in fact the stars of this season were Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke. Being more of side characters you would think that they only exist to compliment Tanjiro in his journey. Nezuko’s power up was so amazing that the entire time she was fighting I was left in awe glued to my screen. Her anger, her regeneration, her strength, her blood demon art, her beauty, everything about her just had my mind blown out of proportions. I wish we got to see more of her in that form but I guess the anime wants to save it for a better time. Further, Zenitsu was basically sleeping for the entire season which means he was BADASS for the entire season. Using his lighting breathing to great extents and at the same time using Godspeed at the very end just made him look like such a fantastic character. The way he was fighting, his bravery, his instincts, everything about him just had me screaming out of joy and excitement every time he was on the screen. And finally, Inosuke who probably had the most maturity development out of all the characters. While he is still a total meathead, the way he refined his fighting and used his brain multiple times to counter enemies way stronger than him had me in shock. And in the end when we all thought he died, the way he countered the enemy’s attack was so unexpected yet exciting. Of course, the demons themselves were nothing short of great as well. Not only were they insanely strong (and proven) but their backstory held so much emotion that you couldn’t help but empathise with them at the very end. You really feel bad that people had to take the bad route in order to survive but the anime portrays that in such a beautiful manner. So yes, the characters were a big big plus this season and they really enhanced the entire season. 

Now coming to the best part of this anime, as always; the animation. I say this every time but words a can not describe ho beautiful the animation of this anime is. It is honestly the only thing that makes this anime go from generic shonen to EXCITING, THRILLING, EMOTIONAL shonen. The animation really makes everything about the anime so much better. Average plot? Amazing animation. Okay fight? Amazing animation. Lacking emotion? Who cares? ANIMATION! And that’s what demon slayer is all about. You’re in it for the generic plot and above average action but you stay for the total enhancement due to the animation. 

This season really was picture perfect from the beginning to the end. At the very end as well, the anime has already set up so well an exciting season 3 with a new character introduced and more secrets to be unravelled. The opening song was a great listen and the ending just fit the anime really well. The suspense through each episode was great and always got me excited to watch the new episode the second it was released. Highly recommend to get into this anime now and enjoy it as it comes out rather than watch it all at once. The suspense is an experience of its’ own and it should be experienced. Overall a fantastic season. 


I would give this season of the anime 4.5/5 stars.

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