Shokugeki no Soma: Gou no Sora| Anime| “80% cooking 20% plot.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


Totsuki has recovered from all the battles and drama caused under the regime of Azami Nakiri. With a new elite 10 and a new director, the students are growing in a much better environment and everyone is living in peace and harmony. However, one final battle stands in our characters’ way. The BLUE competition will help decide who is truly the greatest chef in the world and with involvement of underworld chefs, the competition isn’t going to be easy. As Soma looks to conquer the competition, even Erina must prove her worth as Asahi Saiba, head of underworld chefs, looks to beat everyone and make Erina his bride.


Finishing Naruto allowed me to really catch up on a lot of anime that I was missing out and the latest season of Food wars definitely came in that list. Although the show had become quite stale and utterly boring in the last couple of seasons, I did want to see how the show would finish off and to be honest, I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed it. This final season really encompassed what the show is supposed to be about and that’s solely cooking competitions. After a while, food wars felt like it didn’t put too much emphasis on the plot and just gave us food battle after battle after battle. This made the season enjoyable and exciting and allowed me to finish the anime without any regrets.

The title of this blog will basically summarise this entire review. They plot was extremely insignificant in my opinion and only existed for the purpose of justifying why there were so many food battles going on. This final season threw away all logical sense in terms of plot and focused entirely on showing each character cook to the best of their abilities. It aimed to show not only how much the character’s have grown but to also justify their seats in Totsuki elite 10. Honestly, I was shocked to see how good Megumi and Aldini had become because I always found them to be just above average cooks. Also, we get to see Erina cooking a lot this season as well which in reality is a very rare sight to see. She justifies her position as the director of Totsuki and casually takes on hundreds of students at once with ease (obviously being tired at the doesn’t mean it was difficult). Asahi Saiba was a great villain to keep in this season as well. His character really emphasised the highest limit achievable for a cook without any friends or love. He was a quick learner and his hype through the initial episodes of the season was met throughout as well. This made him a great candidate for battle against Soma in the end to bring out the best of his abilities and give the audience a lot of excitement and joy.

The cooking challenges were absolutely fantastic. We get to see some great match ups and a lot of unexpected wins and losses. The plot twists really carried this season in terms of anticipation. The food battles were so many in number this season that for the most part, the show would just quickly skip through the actual cooking and would just directly move on to the judging segment which would finish in under 5 minutes as well. While rushed anime does get on my nerves, I’ll let it slide for Shokugeki no Soma simply because they held the pauses when it mattered most. They didn’t rush the competitions we genuinely wanted to see but rushed it just enough for competitions that didn’t matter as much. I wish we got to see Soma’s dad go up against Asahi Saiba but we weren’t so lucky to witness that. Still, this part of the season really reminded me what Shokugeki no Soma is all about and how this is the most time pass anime I’ve ever seen in all of anime. This isn’t an anime to devote your whole attention to nor is it one that deserves a massive fan base. Rather, is is perfect to watch as something light hearted or something in the background.

The animation was pretty good as usual. No complaints there. The opening and ending were pretty good as well. This was honestly a great way to end the anime despite everything the show has put us through. I would recommend to watch the show for fun. Overall a fun season.


I would give this season of the anime 3.5/5 stars.

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