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Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. I’m going back to the Philippines this weekend so I’ve been busy prepping for that. We have limited face to face classes which I’m going to attend and I’m excited! So, let’s begin.


Walter White is a high school Chemistry teacher living a regular lower middle class income life. However, he gets diagnosed with cancer leaving him to wonder how his family will survive after his death. So, he takes matters into his own hands. Using his extensive knowledge in Chemistry, Walter teams up with a former drug dealer student of his, Jesse Pinkman, to cook and sell meth. But this is no ordinary Meth, it is some of the highest purity meth the world has ever seen. As this high quality meth takes the country by storm, bigger drug dealers want to take control over the production and sale of Walter’s meth. However, things aren’t so smooth for a criminal who just wanted to make some extra money. Walter and Jesse must go to extremes to protect themselves from getting caught even if it means killing people. In the mean time, the amount of money they’re earning keeps growing but so do the dangers of other cartels and the DEA.


Probably one of the greatest American series I’ve ever watched. I was able to binge all 5 seasons of this show within 2 weeks and I was not bored for even a second. Everything about this show; the plot, characters, acting, direction, plot twists, execution, was just absolutely spot on and that’s going to be displayed throughout this review.

Starting off with the plot like always. Obviously, the plot is what makes this show one of the best. A high school chemistry teacher converted into one of the biggest and best Meth dealers in the United States by the end of the 5 seasons. The character and plot development throughout the 5 seasons is spectacular. The way the story unravels, the suspense at the end of episodes, the plot twists, these all add to the amazing viewing experience. There was no part of the plot that was essentially unnecessary that would cause the show to become boring. Each segment of the 5 seasons was very to the point and everything seemed to complement each other perfectly. Going from 2 people cooking out of an RV to working in superlabs producing hundreds of pounds of meth per week. The whole journey this show took us on over its’ duration was captivating.

I do have to my own personal favourite parts in the show that can not go unmentioned. Firstly, the death of Gustavo Fring. The build up to the end of this character was a nail biting experience throughout its’ duration. We get to see a lot into the backstory of Gustavo and development of his character from someone professional and careful to someone who shows no mercy in light of business. Walter, fearing for his life, creates such a perfectly planned sequence of events to get Gus to make time out of his “schedule” to fall into his trap. The things that Walter did to achieve this goal had my jaw on the floor and the way he convinced Jesse to be a part of his plan had me even more shook once the true nature of the plan was unravelled. But the scene that really topped it all was the explosion. When Gus walks out of the room after the huge explosion he is shown standing completely normal simply adjusting his tie. However, as the camera centres on his face we can see that he is literally missing half his face and we can even see into his skull. Although extremely gory, I found these sequence of events extremely entertaining and ruthless in execution. I always appreciate when TV shows show no mercy and this is the perfect example of that.

Another one of the most amazing scenes in the show has to be when Hank catches Walter as one of the biggest Meth cooks in the US. This was another amazing sequence of events that just had me glued to my screen. Also, it was perfectly timed suspense because I could not move away from my TV for a good 3-4 episodes (keep in mind each episode is at least 45 minutes long). Walter basically retires from the life of crime and somehow, someway his one mistake finally gets the better of him. Hank goes to Walter’s bathroom and finds a book which has handwriting matching that of a murder case related to “Heisenberg” and he makes all the correlations needed to deduct that Walter is truly Heisenberg. Now this scene got me excited for multiple reasons. Firstly, Hank catching Walter was simply another a jaw dropping moment that got me on the edge of my seat extremely excited. Secondly, seeing Walter make such a blatant mistake was shocking. Because we are so used to seeing Walter be so extremely careful that such a mistake of leaving such a book in the open seemed unlike him. Lastly, it further exemplified how much I love Hank as a DEA agent. His character as an old-school DEA agent was so perfectly portrayed. We can see how he relies so much on intuition and treads so close to the line of illegal in order to gather the evidence he needs. His dedication to the job is portrayed through all his hard fought encounters against cartel members and battles against fellow workmates to convince them to help his case. Even when he catches Walter, the way he makes the correlations, the way he reacts, the way he ensures his own eyes are not deceiving him all were so perfectly shown. The combination of great acting, plot development, and character development led to this amazing character. Honestly his death came to me as a bit of a surprise but that was just another perfect example of a ruthless show which I can’t help but appreciate once again. The amount of emotion delivered through his death would be unmet had the show taken pity on his character and so, this just helped enhance the show overall.

Of course this review can not be complete without a small write up about Jesse Pinkman. He was probably my favourite character throughout the show because of how his character developed. The level of maturity that was forced into this man solely due to the amount he lost is actually quite sad. I feel that out of all the characters, it was Jesse who lost the most in terms of friends, love, and family. Walter was a like a father figure to him but the way he treated Jesse was nothing more than a business associate. And I can’t help but feel bad for him because Jesse really needed a guiding figure through all of what he was going through. His hate for murder and death exemplified how he was a good person at heart despite his criminal activities and druggy personality. I love how the show makes Jesse more and more ore professional and loving every season and how he respects Walter so much. But the torture that he had to go through in the last few episodes of the show kinda broke me. Just seeing him go through slave-like torture made me feel immensely bad for him and so when Walter saved him before dying, it brought a genuine smile to my face. This show exemplified the fact that once you’re a criminal you can’t just up and leave whenever you want. Somehow, somewhere, the life of crime will catch up to you. Even if it’s at the most unexpected moment and if it’s for all the right intentions, the bad guys never win in the end.

As you can see, I did not write a season-wise review for this show and it’s for good reason. I was genuinely addicted to this show and could not find myself moving away from the screen for even a second to even write a blog. This show is a must watch and has set a standard for me in terms of American television. I can not think of a negative aspect to this show. The side characters compliment to the story so well, the suspense was perfect, the development was perfect, the action scenes were exciting, the planning was intriguing, and so much more. I would highly recommend to watch this show to everyone. Overall fantastic.


I would rate this TV show 5/5 stars.

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