Great Pretender (Season 1)| Anime| “Quickly loses its’ charm”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. Finals week is upon us so I apologize for the delayed post. So, let’s begin.


Edamura is considered as Japan’s greatest swindler. However, his life changes once he makes an encounter with Laurent, a conman. Now, the two along with Laurent’s team pull off some of the greatest heists to deplete morally bad people of all their money.


I’ve been meaning to start this anime for over a year now but finally got around to it and honestly I was quite underwhelmed. An anime that showed massive potential definitely delivered in its’ first few episodes but ended up getting progressively boring as the season went on.

Starting off with the plot. In this season we are presented with 3 heists where the amount being swindled increases each time. This is obviously to show that the scale of the heist increases with each case however I found that the quality of each case somehow reduced as the show went out and my interest levels definitely began to dwindle. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the plot. Because the concept of the show is really interesting. This whole conman-swindler duo is a very fun concept that was the reason I even started this anime in the first place. As a show, the plot isn’t very unique but for an anime and the way it was portrayed it was quite unique. The first case was probably the best part of the anime. Solely because I didn’t know what to expect and the plot twist had me screaming as the plan unravelled. But this is where the praise for the reduced as the future cases followed a similar pattern of elaborate planning and expected plot twist. This led to the anime being quite bland despite the attempt to woo the crowd with a “mind blowing” plot twist.

I guess the best part of the anime had to be the characters themselves. All the characters shown in this anime had their own charm and really added to the overall atmosphere of the anime. Edamura is always unpredictable making him a very joyous and light character. On the other hand we have Laurent who honestly blows my mind every time he comes on screen. Every time he was on screen I had this thinking in the back of my mind to never believe what I was seeing and I feel that this is where the anime caused me to lose interest. Had the plot of the cases itself been more interesting and captivating, I would have been able to put aside my thinking of Laurent and would definitely been more awestruck at the plot twists. However, the show failed to deliver in that aspect leading me to always expect what is coming up next. For a season that has only 14 episodes, I found myself enjoying probably only half of them. The other characters are also great roles in the anime that added their own sense of seriousness, cunningness, humour, and excitement.

I was honestly under the impression that this anime was only one season. So when I saw there was a season 2 I was kinda disappointed. The anime doesn’t deserve another season and the fact that they’re still dragging the show on is kind of annoying. I don’t know what to expect in the next season but I am not extremely excited. They songs of the anime were quite unique and enjoyable. The art style is very bright and vibrant which is nice as well. I wouldn’t really recommend anyone to watch this anime (maybe only up till the first case). Overall a very average or below average anime.


I would give this season of the anime 2.5/5 stars

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