Kotaro Lives Alone| Anime| “Light hearted emotional trauma”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. After a good 2+ weeks of no blogging I’m finally back. I was packed with exams and a lot of travelling that I didn’t get much time to really open my laptop and blog. I’m back in India for my summer break. I have a lot of reviews just backed up so I’ll get them out one by one. So, let’s begin.


Kotaro is a 5 year old kid who moves into an apartment complex all by himself. As the neighbours take notice of this small kid living all alone, they decide to take it upon themselves to treat him like their own child. However, they too have lives of their own and Kotaro doesn’t have the best past.


Just started this show because I needed something light to watch during med school and ended up binging the whole show in like 2 nights. I did not expect this show to take me on this kind of an emotional roller coaster and let me just say, I do not regret it. It’s also been a while since I saw a slice of life and this is just what I needed after a lot of heavy action and plot.

Starting with the plot. A pretty basic plot of a kid living all by himself in an apartment complex, neighbours take care of him like their own kid, the child has some trauma from his earlier days where he was abused and ill-treated. It is quite straightforward although the creators did a great job in slowly uncovering it. They really let the emotions sink in before they release another piece of information that leaves you further emotionally broken. The creators took a very basic and straightforward plot and maximised on the emotion despite the limited number of episodes. Each episode it felt like there was a frog in my throat as I was either holding back tears of joy or tears of pure empathy. Regardless, I love anime that can make my emotions come out irrespective of my resistance and this anime did that perfectly.

The characters in this anime all complimented each other very well. Considering this anime is only 10 episodes, they definitely left a sort of mystery element that we can be excited for in season 2. We still don’t know everything about Kotaro’s past which makes it more exciting to wait for as well. Despite the anime being so few episodes, there was no aspect that was ever rushed. As a matter of fact, I feel like the creators are doing a great job in giving each and every character enough screen time, enough background, and enough pauses for each moment to be really felt and appreciated. That is to say, the pacing of this anime is incredible and that’s what really makes it enjoyable to watch.

There’s really not much else to say about such a short anime. No real major complaints. The opening and ending songs are decent. I will warn everyone to prepare themselves for an emotional roller coaster if they are watching. The animation is great and the art style is different yet pleasing to the eye. Kotaro is an absolute angel and hearing him talk was genuinely soothing for me. I would highly recommend to watch this anime as I had a great time watching it. Overall a very fun yet simple anime.


I would give this anime 4/5 stars.


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