Classroom of the Elite (Season 2)| First Impression| “The importance of recaps.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.

We waited 4.5 years for a new season of Classroom of the Elite. And usually, the excitement for such long awaited anime. that left us in so much suspense, is met and reciprocated. However, Classroom of the Elite has disappointed me with lacklustre first couple of episodes. Am I expected to remember everything that happened in season 1? Expected to rewatch the entire season 1 prior to the release of season 2? Am I expected to understand, relate, and care for all the characters in season 2 with references to situations and emotions from season 1? The start of this new season could not be more disappointing as a long awaited series as we are left questioning as to where did we last leave off. I personally (along with all my friends who watch anime), had no idea what was going on in the first episode of the new season as the show jumped directly into the continuation of season 1 without any explanation of what happened in season 1. This not only lead me to being confused throughout the entire episode but add on top of that a game that was more confusing than ever and you have a recipe for disaster.

Despite the fact that I was so disappointed with the first couple of episodes, I still see potential for the upcoming rest of the season. I had to watch the first episode twice in order to truly somewhat understand the game dynamics and that is what really got me slightly interested into what the plot twists and thinking of characters will be. For some reason I feel like the anime has taken a turn more into the Tomadachi Game side and now both the anime are competing with each other for which can have the better thought process, execution, deceptive main character, and plot twists. I was genuinely excited for this anime to come out because of the insane suspense season 1 left us with. So far, I’m not so impressed but only time will tell if my mood/reaction will change.

Everything I saw and felt was really summarised with just the above two paragraphs. The opening song is fine and the ending is better than the opening. The animation and art style are basically the same. Plain and simple. I am still excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for us. I do hope somewhere down the line things start to connect and I can relate to what happened in season 1. Till then, I am going to remain confused and not put the effort to go back and see what happened prior to this season. I honestly can’t remember half the characters which leads me to being disconnected with the characters and their personality. And it’s not like the plot is fresh and new. It’s a direct continuation of season 1 so the importance of remembering what happened comes into play. Let’s see how the creators combat this or if they even acknowledge it at all. Overall a disappointing start.


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