Spy x Family (Season 1)| Anime| “A cute way to pass your time.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. And it’s been over a month since I last posted a blog but it’s with good reason. As my 2nd year of med school is ongoing, and limited face to face classes have begun, I required some time to adapt and adjust to the new routine and lifestyle. I couldn’t seem to find the time to fit in blogging amidst my schedule. However, I feel like I’ve kinda adjusted to the system and I can resume blogging on a more regular basis now (only time will tell). So, let’s begin.


An under cover spy creates a fake family for the purpose of his mission. Little does he know that the child he has adopted can read minds and his fake wife is also an assassin. Now, the three living together, are doing everything they can to act like they’re normal people while keeping their actual identities a total secret.


I actually watched this season as it was ongoing but it got pushed to the back with other reviews plus my month and a half long blogging “break”. So, I decided to quickly get this blog published before I start with season 2.

Starting off, I feel like this anime is great to just pass the time. The plot is light and humorous, the characters are simple and charismatic, and the overall feel of the anime is quite comforting. While the show is quite centred around the “cuteness” factor, it doesn’t let that overshadow the interesting plot development and fun activities that are portrayed throughout the season. I would look forward to watching the new episode of spy x family every Saturday just as a way to sort of relax after a week of hard studies or work. And that’s what I feel makes this anime sort of special in its’ own way. Because this anime had a lot of potential to be very mainstream, cute type yet somehow it has a sort of captivating essence to it. Watching this series on a weekly basis is probably the best approach simply because the light suspense and humour makes you look forward to the new episodes but at the same time doesn’t kill you inside to watch more.

While I did write a lot of positives I still do have thing to say about this anime. And it’s that I don’t exactly understand the crazy amount of hype and following behind it. Maybe it’s just me, but this anime doesn’t exactly “stand out” in any aspect. It could be the fact that you can see the episodes on Netflix allowing for easier access. It could also be the effect of the “cuteness” factor that I was talking about before. But overall, I feel like this anime has had much more of an impact and reach than I can fathom. This is not to say that the anime is bad in anyway. This could all be solely due to the fact that anime in itself is becoming a much more popular concept these days which is why we are seeing a larger fan base for all types of anime. Regardless, the amount of social media exposure this anime has had is what really made this anime as popular as it is. And, I can’t really complain because it’s the social media exposure that has really kept me in the loop with this anime.

The characters of this anime are truly what make this anime enjoyable. We have Anya who is absolutely adorable and adds so much joy and humour to the anime. On the other side we have Loid who adds a slight serious note but at the same time gives the anime it’s much needed hot, male lead. And he doesn’t take the serious note to an extreme either, his character is the sole reason for plot development and his slight innocence makes him all the more desirable as a character. And finally, we have Yor who adds that sort of cute, devilish, concerned element. She is a beautiful character who adds so much life and humour to the anime through her various actions and reactions. Together, the 3 are a perfect match for a very fun-loving and joyful anime that has a lot of potential in being one of the best “cute” anime I’ve ever seen.

The animation quality is great. the opening and ending songs are good listens as well. I would highly recommend people to watch this anime for something lite-hearted. I would also recommend to watch this anime as it comes out to maximise the experience. Overall a very fun watch.


I would give this season of the anime 4/5 stars.

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