The Boys (Season 1)| TV Show| “A fun yet extremely gory twist.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


Superheroes are meant to save the world and look out for people However, in this world, superheroes seem to realise the power difference between them and regular humans and have adopted a sort of god complex. As the superheroes try to appear friendly and caring, in reality they are only doing what their PR team has scripted for them for fame and money. Now, a group of guys have come together to stop this group of superheroes from joining the US military and to expose their corrupt doings once and for all. But, it’s not that easy to stand up to literal superheroes.


Finally got around to seeing this show after my friends really pushed me to watch it. Also, I saw that there was a lot of hype building up on this show and I was really lacking on the trending TV shows. But, let me just say, I finished this one season in 2 days and it was phenomenal.

We are so used to the usual born superhero, good guy, saves lives cliche that we forget to see things from an entirely different perspectives. And I love creators who take those different kinds of perspectives and show us how it would look like. No doubt the show is essentially about superheroes who save lives but at the same time it’s everything except that. They are not born superheroes, they are results of illegal experimentation at a very young age. They do save lives but a majority of them do it just for the sake of popularity and money. They curse, they abuse their power, they have severe god-complexes, and so much more that show’s life in a superhero world but more from a dark and inner world kinda setting. The plot of this show may appear quite mainstream (yet interesting) but in reality the perspectives shown are so fascinating and enjoyable that it elevated the show to another level.

The acting in the show is quite good as well. Although some characters definitely have better acting than others. It’s really tough for me to point out any real negatives in this season of the show. The acting, the plot, the suspense, everything was more or less perfect and it’s the reason I was so glued to the show. Every episode was paced out very well and it didn’t feel like the show was too slow or rushed in any way. The end of each episode always had something that got me excited to see what the next episode would have in store. The comedy was quite dark and amusing which was right up my alley. The show really knows how to set the tone with the right setting, lighting, and dialogues. Each character is really given a chance to shine in their own way with plenty of background character development and it all ties up with the main plot. Starlight, Butcher, Hughie, Homelander, etc. are all given plenty of screen time and time for development which gives the audience a real chance to connect with the characters and make a good judgement. The upcoming seasons would have to really be messed up for me to think about anything genuinely bad about the show.

The music of the show is really good as well and really compliments the different scenes throughout. I would highly recommend to watch this show but would also give a fair warning for a lot of gore, cursing, and some nudity as well. I am really excited to see what the upcoming season have in store. Overall, very impressed.


I would give this season of the show 5/5 stars.

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