My Name| Korean Drama| “A combination of gory, exciting, and interesting”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


Yoon Ji-woo had a tough childhood with her father being labelled as a drug lord/dealer leading to constant bullying and always being left alone to live and fend for herself. However, after witnessing the murder of her father happen right in front of her, Yoon Ji-woo became determined to get revenge. She joins the criminal group that her father was a part of in pursuit of the murderer only to learn that the person was someone within the police force. So, she joins the police force under the direction of the crime boss in search for the man. However, the revenge pursuit takes an interesting turn of events as secrets unravel.


Watched a Kdrama after quite some time but a ton of my friends recommended this to me and I must say I was not disappointed at all. As a matter of fact, this Kdrama was so much fun to watch that’s it actually jumped up to my favourite Kdrama I’ve ever seen. I binged the entire show over two days and wasn’t bored for even a second.

Starting off with the plot. This part of the show was pretty basic. Murderer kills dad, daughter wants revenge, does anything and everything to find the person to eventually get the revenge she wishes for. As a matter of fact, the plot was so basic that it was extremely predictable as to who the murdered was from the 1st or 2nd episode itself. My dad, who doesn’t even watch Korean drama was able to figure out the murdered after 15 minutes of watching the show. The plot does not really stand out in any way but that doesn’t change the fact that the plot was extremely enjoyable to watch. Sometimes even in predictability we can find joy because the combination of good acting, exciting action, and interesting plot twists enhanced the overall plot. You have to give it to the creators for being able to make something so basic into something so interesting because this show had the potential to be so boring and bland yet it provided a lot of jaw dropping and edge of the seat kind of moments.

Han So-hee really killed it with the main role. I really enjoyed everything about her character. The development, the personality, her fighting style, the way she would interact with people, her intelligence, and so much more. As a main character, you really can’t ask for anything more. While they did make her super strong and manipulative, it never overshadows her original goal to take revenge and the way they developed her from a small, innocent kid to a badass double agent of sorts was so well laid out. And Choi Mu-Jin perfectly complimented this character as being an extremely powerful crime boss who seems to also have a soft side for people he is close too and trusts. The way he guides Yoon Ji-woo throughout her journey perfectly set up a great plot twist that perfectly encapsulated my “jaw dropping” moment. Finally, another honourable mention is Do Gang-Jae who was probably the perfect side villain to a show. Although they didn’t show much of his back story or descent into darkness, the way his character develops from someone loyal to Choi Mu-Jin to someone who absolutely wants to murder each and every person he knows added such a great element to the show. He honestly enhanced the action to another level and added that sort of “psycho” element to the show which made it all the more exciting.

Another thing of this show I really appreciate was the ability to kill people off without hesitation. A lot of mistakes that shows make it giving in to the audience’s emotion and giving insane plot armour to characters that would appeal to the soft side of the audience. However, this show does not hold back in any way and kills off whoever is meant to die. Of course there are times where you wonder how in the world the person is still alive but when it matters most the show showed no remorse and this for me is what really set the show apart. It added so much more emotion and meaning to the end of the show and gave so much more purpose to Yoon Ji-woo’s actions.

Finally, the music of the Kdrama was really nice. I enjoyed listening to a majority of the songs and it further enhanced the viewing experience. I genuinely enjoyed this show a lot and would definitely recommend it to people. Overall a great watch.


I would give this Korean Drama 4.5/5 stars.

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