Dr. Stone (Season 1)|Anime| “An extremely fun to watch concept”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


After a freak-of-nature incident leaves the whole world petrified in stone, the earth is left to regress back to the Stone Age. However, all the petrified beings are able to maintain their consciousness allowing them a chance to be de-petrified into their original state thousands of years later. Senku Ishigami is a science enthusiasts who just so happens to be the first de-petrified individual allowing to start working on bringing the world back to its’ modern glory from scratch. Using his extensive knowledge in science, Senku sets out to bring ball all of humanity’s greatest inventions while also striving to de-petrify every human being on the planet. However, the plan doesn’t work so ideally as Senku de-petrifies the strongest human primate, Tsukasa, who has different goals in mind. He wishes to only de-petrify good and strong humans and not those who are power hungry and greedy. The difference in perspective leads to a clash of brains and brawn. And so, battle ensues between the kingdom of science and the kingdom of brute strength.


Netflix suggestions have really got me binge watching anime recently. A lot to say about this anime because while it does have a fantastic concept with some kiddish-fun characters, I do feel the anime lacked in some execution because it brought with it a monotonous tone in a few scenes which led me to not feel as engrossed as I usually do with anime. Still, I enjoyed watching this anime as a whole and most of this blog is going to be positive.

Starting off with the plot. This was probably the best part of the show. The unique plot presents who much potential in terms of world development, fun plot twists, great action scenes, and just enjoyable moments overall. The creators did a great job in adding a humorous tone to a lot of the scenes and this comedy was definitely met with some out loud laughs. I really love the concept of starting a world from scratch and building up with just knowledge, manpower, and sheer determination. Not only did the show present a lot of insightful science but it showed plenty of friendship, bonding, and character development through the plot as well. I personally don’t enjoy anime that dwells too much on the concept of friendship and the power that derives from it, but this show took a much more practical approach to the concept and doesn’t rely on the “power of friendship” to drive every single action. If there is one thing I feel that the plot lacked in it would be that they took the show a bit to an extreme of idealism. Everything just works out so perfectly for Senku that you can’t help but wonder what can ever go wrong. I do get that he is a super genius scientist with a vast amount of knowledge but the way he’s been portrayed dwells more on the realm of superhuman in terms of knowledge. His ability to remember things is incredible and further put that knowledge to practical use makes it even better. Although I don’t really have much of an issue with this part, it does impact the possible ‘realism’ this show could have presented and that led to this show to lean towards a more kiddish side than it needed to. At the same time, the creators left a lot of room for suspense and interpretation in season 1 but not answering a lot of the important questions too early on. Questions like how did the whole world suddenly get petrified, why was Senku the first person to be de-petrified, and a lot others are constantly in my head and get me excited to see what the future seasons have in store.

I really enjoy the characters of this show as well. Senku and his friends have this sort of charm to them that make them attractive characters. They don’t really have many annoying characteristics and for the most part they don’t beat around the bush much. Tsukasa is a great villain fore the plot with an understandable ideology. He simply wishes to revive a much more equal world where greed and status don’t overrule people who genuinely have power through strength. While he does have a very extreme approach to this ideology you can see where he’s coming from. Everyone has their own idea of a “perfect world” and this anime is simply a clash between two different modes of thinking. The other characters in the show are not to be slept on either. Chrome, Ginro, Suika, Kohaku, Gen, Suika, Kaseki, and so many more just add so much life to the anime and make it more enjoyable to watch. They all have their certain spark that they helps in uplifting the anime keeping me excited to watch more.

I guess the only small issue I have with this anime really is that it’s the same thing over and over again. Senku coming up with crazy inventions that seem impossible first, everyone else performing the same role/ duty to accomplish that task, mission complete, and repeat. This sort of monotonous tone isn’t there throughout the anime but there are moments where I lose interest in the show. However, this feeling doesn’t really last long and I’m usually captivated to watch more pretty quickly. The whole concept of Senku’s dad going into space and coming back to earth after the petrification was an extremely heartwarming sequence and that really ties this show together. Basically, this anime has the whole package of emotions; intriguing, exciting, heart warming, funny, and tense all at the right moments.

The opening and ending songs of the anime are great listens and the animation quality is really good as well. The artwork is quite pleasing to the eye. I do hope the anime can uphold its’ standards in season 2 and they don’t deviate from the main goal of the plot. I would highly recommend people to watch this show. Overall a great watch.


I would give this season of the anime 4/5 stars. Invent

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