Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness| Movie| “The dark/horror aspect of Marvel we all needed.”

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Dr. Strange cast a spell to open the gates to the multiverse. Dreams are the window into the multiverse allowing you to see yourself in the different multiverses. America Chavez has the power to travel through the multiverse making her a target for people who wish to steal her power. Wanda, after the death of vision, is leading a life of loneliness and desire to have a family. While other multiverse versions of herself have achieved this goal, the original Wanda is left to live their lives only through dreams. Now, as the Scarlet Witch, Wanda does everything in her power to try stealing America’s power in order to take the place of one of her multiversal selves and have a family of her own. However, Doctor Strange isn’t going to let that happen so easily.


My friends and I had to shuffle between two malls before finally being able to get tickets for this movie on opening weekend. And, must I say, I was not disappointed. This Marvel movie wasn’t like any other with more gore, some jump scares, and a darker undertone throughout the entire film. Although it wasn’t by any means the “best Marvel movie ever” it was definitely different and highly appreciated.

Starting off with the plot, like always Marvel delivers in this aspect. With the introduction of the whole “multiverse”, Marvel has expanded its’ plot extensively allowing for countless plot lines and plot twists. I’m glad they’re not rushing into the multiverse aspect of the movie and are really taking their time to explain most things along the way. This really helps in understanding a lot of things that could potentially become very confusing. After a long time we get to really see the evil side of Wanda (Scarlet Witch) which is always a treat because of how powerful she is. This movie went very in-line with the comics and I guess that’s where we should owe the dark undertone of the film from. While the plot, humour, and other aspects in itself aren’t dark per se, just the overall atmosphere of the movie had a slightly darker aspect to it that I can’t quite put my finger on. One thing I will give this movie is how ruthless it was with its’ killings. Without an aota of remorse, we saw so many characters (and potential characters) just killed off within a few minutes. I guess this was good in exemplifying just how powerful the Scarlet Witch is but even for me that came as a bit of a shock considering how merciful Marvel movies are most of the time.

As far as characters go, Dr. Strange was absolutely fantastic in this film. Although he was clearly inferior to the Scarlet Witch in terms of power, he definitely made up for it in terms of intelligence. The whole romanticising between Dr. Strange and his (now) ex-wife was a little bit too extra for me because of how often it was repeated throughout the film but luckily that didn’t really overpower the rest of the film. The horror aspect that Wanda brought to the film was really the game changer for me and its’ what makes this film unique in itself as a marvel movie. Her display of sheer power and ability was fantastic. She was literally so strong that she had to kill herself in order to stop her rampage. The whole scene between Wanda and the Illuminati was so exciting and it really demonstrated how she is leagues above the rest. America was a decent character as well adding to the light humour and sort of “fun” aspect to the film. Even her display of power and intelligence at the end was quite fun to watch and brought a smile to my face because of everything she had been through before.

Above the plot and characters of the movie what really stands out above the rest is the potential of this movie. People with the ability to travel dimensions, monsters and demons trying to acquire that power, dreams walking, and so much more. This movie really opened a plethora of possibilities for Marvel in their upcoming films and that’s what really excites me. This movie is more like a stepping stone for more deep multiverse dives. I can see the creators digging into the concept of the multiverse extremely deep which has the potential of becoming quite confusing and vast as well. So, being able to witness this all happening from the very beginning is quite exciting. I am very excited to see how the movies will proceed from here on. I would highly recommend people to watch this movie. I had a lot of fun. Overall a good movie.


I would give this movie 4/5 stars.

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