Jujutsu Kaisen 0| Movie| “JJK is managing to keep up with the hype”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


In a time set before the JJK series, Yuuta Okkotsu is suffering from a curse. But not just any curse, it’s a special grade curse that he has no control over. Gojo Satoru decides to take in Yuuta to the Jujutsu High School to help him learn how to control his power. However, Geto Suguru, another special grade curse holder, has other plans. As he tries to steal Yuuta’s curse, an all out war breaks out between Geto’s team and Jujutsu High school.


Watching this movie in the cinema was definitely a different experience than watching it on Netflix or some anime website. And I feel that the overall experience of watching it in the cinema will make all the difference in perspective for people reading this blog. So please keep an open mind that my experience of watching this movie in the theatre could possibly be different than what my experience would be if I saw this while sitting at home.

I want to start this blog with what exactly was different about watching this movie in the cinema rather than at home. Firstly, the big screen experience enhances the feel of the animation, art style, action, and overall emotion that the characters are trying to portray. The overall atmosphere allows you to totally engross yourself in the viewing of the film with no distractions. At the same time, in India film viewing is quite different than film viewing in most other countries. We all shout together at nail biting scenes, hoot at the introduction of our favourite characters, laugh loudly at humorous scenes, and even indulge in small conversations because the anime community is quite small here. All these things together added a sense of community excitement that made watching the film all the more enjoyable. If we were to watch the same movie at home, of course we would watch it as a group of friends but there would be countless distractions which would lead to more disconnect with the characters and the emotions being portrayed. So, if you were to ask me, if you have the chance, definitely watch this movie in the theatres rather than at home.

Now coming to the plot of the movie. I was impressed because usually anime movies plots are quite lacking. This is in the sense that most anime movies are too rushed. Too much information is squeezed into a 1.5 hours film and that leads to you being unsatisfied. However, JJK took a perfect story from a completely unrelated story line and portrayed it beautifully. The pacing of the movie was fantastic and that led the plot to stand out more than usual. Yuuta, a lot like Itadori, is special Ina lot of ways. Maybe not as physically gifted but his curse and control over his curse as amazing. Although he only really learns how to control his power later in the film, seeing the development of character was a fun journey. We get to really learn more about Geto’s character as well and his relationship with Gojo which I feel will be very crucial to the main JJK series. The slow introduction of all our favourite characters made the movie viewing experience all the more exciting. Being able to see majority of the characters we loved and enjoyed in season 1 after so long was a great experience. As a whole, the plot itself was nothing too Vasant and intense. It felt more like a movie to bring back the JJK hype although in no way was the plot lacking either.

More than the plot, the highlight of this film was the action and animation. More specifically, a combination of the two. The action throughout the film was super exciting and had me glued to the screen for its’ entire duration. And it wasn’t just Yuuta’s fights. Each and every character was given a chance to show off their powers and abilities which really allowed you to connect with the characters more. Of course, Gojo provided us with some amazing dialogues and entertainment like always. But Yuuta’s fight with Geto was really on another level. It was mixed with strong abilities, amazing badass scenes, anger, despair, and so many more emotions that made the fight seem better and better. The action of this anime is really what separates this anime. Because despite it being just regular action, the use of quality animation, emotion, and connect with characters elevates the action scenes so much more.

This anime movie was truly an amazing experience. The music throughout the movie was exciting and enhancing as well. I would definitely recommend to watch this movie. I am super pumped for the next season of JJK and can’t wait to see what is in store for us. Overall a great movie.


I would give this movie 4.5/5 stars.


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