The Boys (Season 2)| TV Show| “Gore fest with a lot of plot twists.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


The story continues from season 1 where the boys are still trying to take down evil supes and expose Vaught for their use and abuse of compound V. However, now they have the help of Starlight which helps accelerate things. Butcher learns of Becca being alive making him all the more determined to save her. Storefront is a new supe in the Seven however she seems to have a lot of secrets in her past and her relationship with Homelander is growing quickly. Now, Homelander and Vaught must battle against the accusations against them and other supes while on the other hand Butcher attempts to save his wife from the clutches of Vaught. And, testing with compound V seems to be much more than what we expect.


This show doesn’t cease to surprise me as I cannot seem to keep my eyes off the screen. I manages to finish 8 one hour episodes within 2 days and I had to write this blog as soon as possible so that I can move on to season 3.

This season seems to have amped up all aspects of the show. More action, drama, gore, suspense, better music, and so much more. You can really feel that the show got good response and ratings from season 1 and managed to keep up its’ hype in season 2. And it’s not like they drastically changed the plot in season 2. They stuck with the same idea from season 1 and simply added more elements to compliment the story and cover up loopholes. Stormfront is a completely unrelated character to season 1 but added so much more entertainment in season 2 which made the show all the more better. The way we start off with a character who seems to be independent, bitchy, and cool but end up with a racist, nazi, compound V lover just blows my mind. The character development in this season was fantastic and this is not just for Stormfront. Even characters like Butcher, Homelander, Hughie seem to have so much character development in this season and it sets up so many expectations for season 3.

The plot twists and suspense in this season were so enthralling and captivating that I couldn’t help but always want to see the next episode. The show seemed to go a bit extreme on the gore. Even more than what they did in season 1. But, I’m not one to complain because I really found those scenes exciting and enhancing as a whole. At the same time, I feel like the acting in the show is still kind of lacking. It’s not like the acting is terrible, it’s just that in some scenes I feel like the characters aren’t doing a great job in capturing the entire essence of their role and it’s quite noticeable at times. However, this is a very small aspect and it doesn’t happen very often so I’m going to excuse it as whole. The ending of the show seemed like a great way for the show to finish but then I realised that the show somehow made me completely forget about the overpowered, escaped Compound V test subject. And that needing plot twist where they reveal who the test subject is got me super excited to see season 3 of The Boys.

I feel like the music in this season was even better than the first season. I really appreciate the quick recaps they do at the beginning of every episode. 1 hour episodes can be tough to absorb and the quick recaps really help you refresh your mind on what’s going on. Highly recommend people to watch this show but still giving the clear warning of nudity, gore, and a lot of cussing. Super excited to see what’s in store. Overall, a fantastic season.


I would give this season of the show 5/5 stars.

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