Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2| Anime| “When you don’t want a show to end and the creators deliver”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. I am finally back in the Philippines! After 2 long years. So, let’s begin.


As Marley launch a retaliation against Paradis, Erin who seems to have joined forces with Zeke are fighting back with all their might. He has imprisoned his own friends with the intent to euthanise all subjects of Ymir. However, this is all a ploy to take control. Erin’s real plan is to kill every single person on the planet apart from his friends and other people living on Paradis in order to end the cycle of revenge and live a peaceful life. However, his friends are not so fond of that plan and are now trying their best to stop this “rumbling” and ultimately (hopefully) change Erin’s mind.


Nothing but praise for this season of attack on titan for having nail biting scenes, exciting action, and a wonderfully portrayed plot. The announcement of a final season part 3 came as a shock to me and I was honestly kind of disappointed because I had prepared myself to see it end in this season itself. However, the more I think about it, I’m glad the creators are taking their own sweet time to give us the ending we deserve and even if we have to wait a whole year for another season I think it’ll be worth it.

Starting off with the plot. This season had probably some of the biggest plot twists and surprises that this show had to offer. It changed our entire thinking of the anime and it takes a lot of guts for a show to suddenly make such a huge plot change so late into the anime. Finding out that Eren can actually go back into the past and talk to all the previous founding Titan holders even before they possessed the founding titan changed the dynamics of the anime entirely. You begin to wonder how dark the anime actually is as Eren watches all the killings in front of him when he was well aware what was going to happen and when it was going to happen. Seeing Grisha’s past was such an interesting segment because it showed us where’s this entire series of events is originally coming from and what eventually led to Eren being the way he is today. But while this season was also busy changing our entire thinking of the plot, we get to see some fantastic action scenes and the ending of the season seems to revolve more on the side characters than Eren himself. At the start of the season, we are already given a warning that Levi is going to be out of commission for a while because of how severe his injuries are. Following this, we see how Eren is not actually the type of person who thinks of saving the majority with sacrifice of the minority. Rather, he would rather sacrifice the world to save his friends. This was quite an amazing aspect of the anime because most of the time anime tends to take a much more idealistic point of view where the least amount of people get hurt and the main character shoulders a majority of the pain. To see an anime where the main character will kill the whole world just so that he and his friends can live in peace is quite extreme but highly appreciated because it makes quite bold statement that we are honestly not that used to seeing.

I honestly kind of predicted Eren backstabbing Zeke for his own benefit in the long run but the whole sequence of how it was portrayed was just absolutely beautiful to watch. Further, we see that Eren’s friends themselves are left with quite a question mark in their head that’s even if Eren is sacrificing everyone for their sake, will they be able to live with the fact that they are also the reason for the killing millions of innocent lives just out of spite and revenge. And while the anime would’ve made a very dark turn had Eren’s friends just accepted the fate, of course the anime can not finish so easily. They do turn on Eren and decide that it is time to stop his reign of terror and explain to him that murder and revenge is most definitely not the solution to ending the hatred in the world. While the overall basis of the anime (i.e. ending the hatred in the world) is quite common, I do highly appreciate how well portrayed it is. It is very uniquely shown and taking such a generic basis and giving it a unique twist is quite a difficult task that the creators have done very well. Further, seeing how strong everyone has becomes really shows us how the anime has progressed over all the season. The use of ODM gear, ruthlessness, skills, fighting techniques, etc. are so advanced in all the characters now which just makes any action scene so much better. And for this show to go on without Levi for nearly 2 season now, this was an absolute necessity to bring up the quality of action. The final fight scene between Eren’s friends and the Yaegerists was an insane battle with high level techniques and butt clenching anticipation. These kinds of scenes are the reason I am excited for another season of attack on Titan.

There was nothing really new or special about the characters compared to last season that requires mentioning. All the characters played a great role in their contribution to the plot and nobody was left out. Like I said before, we see more of the side characters than actually Eren this season and this allows us to really see things from their point of view. So, I’m not going to dwell much on the characters for this review because I wrote about them in the previous season’s blog as well.

The animation of this season was another amazing aspect. Compared to all the previous seasons, this season somehow had some extremely different animation in terms of the smoothness and quality. This not only enhanced the overall viewing experience but also just made the Titan transformations and action scenes so much better. The suspense for each episode made every week an exciting and anticipated week for a new AOT episode. The opening and ending songs were fun listens. So, no complaints there. Can’t wait to see what the final season will have in store for us. Overall, a fantastic season.


I would give this season of the anime 4/5 stars.

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