Merry Christmas!!!

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone has had a wonderful, cheerful and joyous Christmas day. This blog is just a little update on my life and the blog and how my Christmas was!


With the year coming to an end, Christmas break is the best way to sit back, relax, have a nice hot cup of cocoa and enjoy. Well, not for me. With the exams beginning in another 2 days all I did for Christmas was study. We didn’t really put up a tree this Christmas and after shifting to a new house we realized that this community doesn’t really celebrate Christmas like our old community. In our old community, every year, my band and I would perform on a decent sized stage and watch tons of shows and eat some pretty delicious food. Well, I missed all of that this year and I really regret it.


For Christmas, I got a new cell phone. I guess this was the highlight of my Christmas and I was really happy. My old phone was not really that good and this new phone really came to me out of the blue. And I absolutely love the phone. My brothers got some candy, gum and some sports equipment. So overall, we kept Christmas on the low.


Coming to the blog. With the exams nearing in I guess the blog would revert back to once a week posting. I have been discussing with a few of my friends and this summer I am gonna start scheduling my blogging such that movie blogs come out every Wednesday and anime/ TV show blogs come out on Sunday. Also, I am planning on starting to review Hindi movies. I would really appreciate if I could get your guys opinion on this ’cause it would be really helpful to know if this would work for you guys.


I would also be starting an Instagram and Facebook page for the blog where I will post whenever a new blog releases or keep constant updates about what the next blog would be about. If you guys would like to follow me on my personal Instagram account you can check me out at: __Modz__ and you can just dm me that you know me through the blog. That would be great.


Again, a very Merry Christmas to all. I am really looking forward to the New Year. Comment what you guys did and got for Christmas! Stay tuned for more!!

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