Happy New Year: My funniest memory

Hey guys, how’s it going? HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Write in the comments your New Year resolution. This is in response to https://thekayasthajournal.wordpress.com/ who gave me this dare to write on my funniest memory. So, here we go.


I guess I wouldn’t be able to really narrow down all the funny memories I’ve had with all the people in my life to just one situation so I would probably explain a few.


I guess the first experience would be when I witnessed my 1st brother (Kunal) trying to kill my 2nd brother (Aryan). And no, not literally. But injure, YES! So this one time when I was around 6 or 7 my Brothers and I were playing around the house. This was back when I used to stay in Chicago. So, to hide, I ran into my parents room and locked the door. I started watching TV when suddenly I hear Kunal and Aryan arguing outside the room. I open the door slightly to see what’s going on and they were arguing for some reason I couldn’t possibly remember now. One thing led to another and Kunal lost his temper. Well, call it bad luck for Aryan, Kunal gave one push to Aryan (and trust me when I say that this was on purpose) sending him rolling down the stairs. All I could do was stare in awe. At that moment everything was frantic and we got an ice pack and put it on his head. The best part is when we looked at Kunal all he was doing was smiling as if he had actually accomplished something. When I think of it now it’s actually hilarious.


I guess the next moment would be when I was in 2nd grade, again in Chicago. We were weird kids. So, I had sent this note to friend (let’s call her friend A) asking if she had a crush on this guy (let’s call him friend B). So, A and I were having a chit conversation like this when suddenly, our teachers notice and find all of our chits. A day later, the principal comes into our class and calls us out. So thus began the interrogation. I was taken with two other kids. Friend B and another friend completely unrelated to the everything. When my turn came I was asked, “Did you write this chit?” I don’t even know why but I was just like, “Yes.” And the principal was like, “You don’t have to li… Wait. What? Oh, um…. Appreciate the honesty. Just don’t do it again.” And I walked out of there like a complete boss!


Finally I guess I would talk about would be here in Hyderabad when I stayed over in my old society and we used to mess around with some of our friends. So, this one Halloween a couple of years ago, we were all near the tennis court just talking. This one guy, Sravan, was talking to this one girl, Neha. They were standing really close to each other. So, my friend Vamsi thought it would be pretty cool to push one of them onto the other. So, he went behind Sravan and pushed him as hard as he could. No one would’ve possibly expected this but the next second we all witnessed the lips of Sravan smack up against the lips of Neha .Oh my god, we burst out laughing so much. Neha chased Vami around the entire society holding a brick and Sravan just stood near the tennis court, not moving an inch (as if he has been violated). When Vamsi came back he walked towards me and gave me a hi-five when suddenly Neha appears out of the bushes and slaps Vamsi so hard. I almost died laughing.


Ya, so these were some of the funniest memories I have. I really liked writing about this so a huge thanks to Silas (link above). I have tons and tons of crazy memories. Hope everyone has an amazing New Year and makes a lot of memories with the ones they love! Also, have fun writing the date for a month now!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year: My funniest memory

  1. Ishani says:

    Lol I remember that day!!😂😂😂😂 Neha was soo pissed, but seriously that kiss tho!!! Oi but rahul remember the time we met for the first time, before the party. That was a funny thing when u remember and asked me if I was the same girl!!😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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