Gold: Movie

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This sports, drama biopic was directed by Reema Kagti and was releases in August, 2018.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (150 minutes)


  • Akshay kumar as Tapan Das
  • Kunal Kapoor as Samrat
  • Mouni Roy as Monobina Das, Tapan’s Wife
  • Amit Sadh as Raghubir Pratap Singh
  • Vineet Kumar Singh as Imtiaz Ali Shah
  • Sunny Kaushal as Himmat Singh



The story of the British-India hockey team before India’s independence and how they developed and matured to have the desire to win gold for a free India. But, the struggles along the way are immense and the goal is a far reach for the new country and new team.



I have some really mixed feelings about this film. On one side, the movie was fun to watch. The matches, the light humor, the acting, were all great and were what made the film good. On the other side, the movie was lacking. Some poor directing, boring music, and clichéd story line were what brought down the film.

The movie started off with the ‘before independence scenes’ where the British-India hockey team were victors for many years in the Olympics. But, as independence for the country was nearing, nationalism in the people was increasing. With the dream to finally win a gold for free India, Akshay Kumar (the team manager) and the players decided to finally prove their strength as a free India team.

Like every film that depicts nationalism, this film was no lesser than others to show how the team had sheer determination and a desire to win gold for a free country. I’m sure most people who have seen the film will agree with me that this is a much more dramatic Chak De India with the addition of some violence.

I will give it to all the actors for doing a great job on their part. The acting was great and really added to the realism that the film must have as a biopic. Also, the presentation of the matches was the highlight of the film. They used the 2 hours very fruitfully and provided nail-biting matches for the audience. I, personally, was on the edge of my seat the entire time the London Olympics tournament was being shown.

Another big let down of the film was the repitition and the music. We are shown a drunk Akshay Kumar way too many times in the film and after the first 3 times it starts getting annoying. There were 2 songs that were played in the exact same manner where the new India team would get selected and out of celebration, Akshay Kumar would get up and start dancing while intoxicated. The music was utterly boring and nearly put me to sleep.

The light humor in the film was great and kept the audience in a mix of emotions. This movie did keep me interested for at least the majority of it and so, I would definitely recommend it as a one time watch. Overall above average.


I would give this movie 3.5/5 stars.

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