Where was I this past month?

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone was having a great month. So, let’s begin.

So, a lot of you guys must have noticed that for the first time ever I didn’t post for a whole 3 weeks. I usually pride myself on always being able to post weekly blogs regardless of the amount of work I have and considering I am having vacation right now, there should be no excuse to post even more than just once a week. However, this past month has probably been one of the busiest times I have ever encountered due to the college admissions process pressure.

Starting off, after all my entrance exams for Indian colleges got over I had a nice few weeks off before their admission process began. It just became a race against time after that to collect every single document possible for submission and an extensive research session between my dad and I to see where I could possible stand a chance. After about a month and a half of that we were fed up. My marks weren’t high enough in the entrance exams to secure me a college with good scholarship and the other colleges turned out to be extremely expensive and not that highly ranked.

So, I turned to my US admission where I sat long and hard and thought about whether it was worth it or not to spend 8 years of my life studying and paying just as much as India but in a more reputed college. Soon, my dad and I turned to other abroad countries. The second we did this my life turned upside down. We were researching in countries like China, Russia, UK, Philippines, Caribbean etc. and the amount of pressure to ensure we weren’t being scammed by any of the consultants was immense. We were (mainly my dad) doing research day in and day out on costs, admission process, quality of education, etc. which is basically all of the things one should take into consideration during applications.

After about another month and a half of that we finally narrowed down our college choices to India (if I could get a cheaper college), China, and the Philippines. Keep in mind this is all for studying medicine (In India and China it is called the MBBS program and in the Philippines it is called the MD program like the US).

Finally, things were looking great, after 3 grueling months of the college research we had finally narrowed it down to China vs the Philippines. When, suddenly, out comes my first acceptance letter into an Indian college. This threw everything out of perspective because my parents loving side came out and they suddenly wanted me to stay close to home regardless of the cost. By this time I was already sort of dwindling away from China because of the language problems. I know you can learn a new language and it would be helpful and all it’s just that MBBS is hard in itself and taking a new language on top of that is really stressful and we started looking more long term and if my goal is to finally try and get a license in the US via the USMLE then China just didn’t meet our standard.

Thus began an extremely long journey. We had a week to decide on whether or not we wanted to take the Indian college and so, since my mom and I are American citizens, my dad booked us on the first flight to the Philippines to check out the college. No joke, we spent more time on the flight than in the Philippines. With some tight layovers and minimal sleep we finally reached the Philippines where we quickly went and saw the college, roamed around the surrounding area, and left after just a day’s stay. However, I had finally made my decision.

So, yep, I am going to the Philippines to do my medicine. It is a 2 year Bachelor in Science plus 4 year Masters in Doctorate program where I will simultaneously be studying for the USMLE (search it up if you don’t know what it is). The students there told me how difficult the studies are and I’m really excited and scared at the same time. The name of the college is Angeles University Foundation.

What did I gain out of this experience?

  1. I am a near expert at international flights now.
  2. I am a near expert at China, Philippines, and Caribbean admission process (hit me up for advice).

I will be posting pretty regularly from this weekend on. I have tons of backed up anime and TV show reviews that I need to post. So, stay tuned!

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