Ahiru No Sora: First Impression: “Basketball Haikyuu to an extent.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. It’s been a while. Yes, my first semester is over in college (it was a short semester) and it’s safe to say that I had plenty of time to blog but didn’t do anything. But, now that I’ve been able to adjust to the place better and make a ton of friends, I can safely say that from now on I will be back to blogging a bit more frequently. So, let’s begin.

As an avid sports anime lover, deciding to put all the other anime in my list aside to watch one about basketball was a no-brainer. And while I wasn’t expecting a “Kuroko No Basket” kind of amazing anime, I certainly did come into this with certain expectations. And, it has truly been a worth it experience.

Firstly, Ahiru No Sora is genuinely “Basketball Haikyuu”. And by that I mean the main plot line is an exact copy of the Haikyuu plot line. We have a new student who was not able to play basketball in is previous school. This new student is too short for a sport made for tall people but still plays like an absolute boss. And, both Sora and Hinata have the same love-for-their-sport energy.

The story is bland. To put it straight, I don’t see this anime excelling in terms of a good plot line because of how basic the story line is. By copying the plot line for Haikyuu you have automatically put yourself up for comparison against the number one sports anime. This anime 3 episodes in has not shown me much in terms of a story line and that has really brought my expectations down for an amazing fan base to be formed.

But, by far the number one best part of this anime are the basketball matches. From the animation quality to the skill moves to the anticipation, this anime really puts efforts into portraying nail biting matches. It is a ton of fun to watch and I can’t wait to see how the characters develop into bigger and better players and present to us bigger and better matches.

The animation quality of this anime is good and the opening and ending songs are good ones as well. I’m really excited to see how this anime plans out in future episodes!

6 thoughts on “Ahiru No Sora: First Impression: “Basketball Haikyuu to an extent.”

  1. SAWAN RAI says:

    You mention that Ahiru no Sora is copy of Haiykuu. But Ahiru no Sora was published in 2004 where as Haikyuu was only published in 2012 .. only the anime of Ahiru no sora came late
    So from my POV i think its Haikyuu who copied from Ahiru no Sora

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  2. reviewitweb says:

    You’re right. That might have been the case. But I didn’t mention copying in a bad way rather I was just drawing attention to the similarity between both of the anime regardless of who copied who. I apologise if it came out looking like Ahiru no Sora has no originality. And as someone who doesn’t really pay attention to manga at all, I was unaware of all these facts and used the release dates of the anime as justification. Thank you for sharing your views!


  3. joshua james says:

    man, ahiru no sora was published in 2003 or 2004 but haikyuu was published in 2012 so, haikyuu is the copy of ahiru no sora, get your facts right, stupid

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    • reviewitweb says:

      Yes, I am aware haha. I wasn’t comparing it in terms of actual anime style, story, or dates. I was comparing it based on the sequence I’ve seen the shows in and since I saw haikyuu first this was my way of comparing. Thanks for your views! 🙂


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