Gurgaon: Movie: “Realism meets terrorism.”

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Gurgaon is a city full of rebels. People carry guns around everywhere and everyone thinks they are the king of the world. One family, in particular, has it tough when one of the sons wants it all: money, fame, power, etc. And, he will do anything to get it. 


The fact that this movie is based on a true story is what makes it truly disturbing. India is a vast country with more than just its diverse cultures, food, religions, etc. It has all kinds of people ranging from all kinds of backgrounds. Gurgaon just happens to be the kind of place where everyone considers themselves as ‘The Boss’ and have no shame in expressing themselves in the most aggressive ways.

The movie shows us a farmer who hits the lottery by earning crores by selling his land. We see the richness of this family and how having too much money is even worse than having no money at all. A greedy and neglected son decides to follow his father’s path to murder fellow business partners (family in this case) and acquire all the money and power associated with it as well.

The movie portrays an emotionless man going on a rampage to get what he wants. I won’t say that it isn’t disturbing to see a man killing his entire family but the way this has been portrayed is so realistic that you can’t help but give it to the director for doing such a great job in captivating the audience and making them feel all sorts of emotions.

Although the portrayal of the movie was impressive, the acting was just sub-par and the movie was just way too dark as a whole for just any audience. I do understand how the atmosphere of the movie goes with the story but the whole ‘gloomy’ ambiance made the movie feel slower than it needed to be resulting in the whole thing feeling more stretched out. It felt like the director was beating around the bush a lot and wanted to extend the movie rather than get directly to the point.

The most impressive point of this movie is that it is an Indian film. The way this movie was made was not like any other conventional Indian film and it felt good watching something different from the usual Bollywood movie filled with drama, romance, music, and joy.

I wouldn’t really recommend this film as it is not really a watch for everyone. Overall average.


I would give this movie 2.5/5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Gurgaon: Movie: “Realism meets terrorism.”

    • reviewitweb says:

      Haha that’s actually what I was implying by saying it isn’t the conventional Bollywood type film. No dance sequence and just straight up seriousness throughout. A lot of professionalism but a very rugged film.


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